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Forums - Politics Discussion - Question for Biden supporters

Now that Biden won, are you going to wear a colored hat with a slogan on it, and put Biden bumper stickers all over your car for 4 years?
Or repeat whatever Biden's slogan is (like MAGA) at the end of your posts?

Just curious.

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Trick question. Biden voters are all poor people who mooch off the state and as such don't have cars to put bumper stickers on. They also don't have houses with yards to put campaign signs or flags in. Trump voters are the only ones able to do it because of all the prosperity they got through Trump.

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I don't have a car but I might do a bumper sticker if I did. And maybe I'll buy something like a bobblehead or mug or something kitschy like that. That's about it.

are you implying biden voters are exactly the same as trump voters

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Hell no. I always found bumper stickers, picket signs, and whatever to be annoying regardless of who it is. But I will enjoy the fact knowing Trump won't be president next month.

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I've never had a bumper sticker for any candidate, as they generally all range from okay to terrible.

Probably not, bc no one who voted for Biden actually likes him; they just don’t like Trump.

I still wear my Biden 2020 hat, and plan on getting a Biden 46 "we just did" hat.

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pitzy272 said:

Probably not, bc no one who voted for Biden actually likes him; they just don’t like Trump.

I like Biden, so your statement is false. Approval ratings indicate I'm not the only one. 

Nah. I hope he does well but the vibe flags give me in regards to candidates come off a little off putting to me. I also find the yard signs to be so wasteful (well except when they are in yards). Might do a sticker but definitely not a decal for my car.