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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Most impressive Switch port


I choose...

Doom 2016 2 4.08%
Doom Eternal 19 38.78%
Wolfenstein II 1 2.04%
Hellblade 0 0%
Witcher 3 20 40.82%
Crysis Remastered 2 4.08%
Other 5 10.20%

Just to clarify my point on Doom Eternal, I haven't seen a lot of the game because the Doom shooter genre isn't my thing, so I could be wrong about it.

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As someone who has played and beat the game on both PS4 and Switch...I must say Witcher 3. It was the game many brought up as a game the Switch couldn't run, and shocked everyone when it showed up. It may look a bit downgraded by comparison, but it still looks and plays great overall.

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So I'm currently playing Ori and the Will of the Wisps ....

Honestly, it probably could have changed my vote by it's artistic design alone coupled with the fact that they managed to make this beauty run at 60 fps on the Switch nonetheless. Problem is ... I've come across some crashes and game-breaking glitches that inherently lessen my opinion of it's prowess (Don't worry it's not broken but it may happen to a few unlucky folks).

My vote stays with Eternal

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Close race between Witcher 3 and Doom Eternal in the polls.

Saber's port of World War Z when it arrives could be a competitor with its insane amount of enemies on screen, I remember them saying that even after Witcher 3 and Crysis Remastered it's the hardest thing they've ever had to do to get it to run well on Switch.

I haven't heard anything new on it since midway through last year though, I wonder if it's still coming.

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DOOM Eternal has a serious bug where the demonic corruption doesn't lessen after an encounter. It has happened to me in Mission 3, 4 and now on Mission 6, I managed to fix it in the first two but in 6 it's impossible to correct it, I restarted the mission 4 times but nothing. So now a 100% completion of this game is impossible.

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