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Forums - Gaming Discussion - I bought a Series X from a scalper today..... Q

SvennoJ said:

Congrats, now you're part of the problem.

I have sold a few systems as a scalper in the past.  I've never seen scalping as a problem.  I will admit that the shit show this year, seemingly fueled by bots, is not a good look for scalpers.  They (as a whole, not necessarily a guy that buys two systems by being first in line at Gamestop) may have crossed a line such that the console marketers will be compelled to distribute systems differently next time.  Nevertheless, I have no moral issue with scalping in and of itself.  

Anyway, if it is a problem, I was already part of it. That's why I have no issues with (considering) selling my Series S for a profit. 

With all of that said, I had originally planned to wait for a Series X until supply normalized. But, I am just finishing up a major remodel to my basement to create an awesome gaming area. It has been in the works for about 2 months.  I should be installing all of my electronics next weekend or shortly thereafter.  When I found that I could get a Series X for about $130 over the retail price with tax, I decided it was worth it to have all the pieces in order.  

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Sell the SeriesS to get some of your money back. At first I was gonna keep my PS4Pro in by bedroom, now that the PS5 occupies the living room. However, my PS4Pro has been completely neglected and I don't have much time to play the games I actually want to play right now which are on PS5, PC, and 3DS. The Pro also doesn't run anything I can't run on the PS5, so I may as well turn it into cash if I can get a few 100s out of it.

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I just can't comprehend spending this much on an Xbox, let alone two. Buy a gaming pc or laptop where you will get a much more glorious refresh rate and be able to do so much more than just gaming, and do it on the go. The laptop screen is generally so close to your face that unless you sit ridiculously close to your TV the laptop will appear larger than probably anything under 70-80 inches anyway, and how many people have an 80 inch TV with 300mhz?

Sell the Series S and put that money towards games you really want.

vivster said:

The companies were right, the second hand market is bad for people.

Except for the fact that if you're patient you can build an awesome library of games at way below retail, and can then sell those products if you ever need the capital. 

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The money isn't an issue, but I refuse to pay more than msrp for a console. I have plenty of games I still need to get to and will wait it out til sometime next year. That being said, enjoy your system I'm sure its a blast!

VAMatt said:
NobleTeam360 said:

also, that guy must have been uninformed because he could have sold that bundle for 900+ easily. 

No.  They're down to the $850 range on Ebay now, for the bundle, $810ish for the console only.  But, you end up paying over $100 in fees there between Ebay and Paypal, then shipping.  In my local market, there were multiple people selling for $750 or less.  At most, this scalper missed out on $50.  On my deal, he made $127.  

Well, enjoy the Series X. Also, you might as well sell the series S, seems like you don't want to play games at lower settings so there's not much point in keeping it. 

Why would you do such a thing

It's your money, that deal wasn't that bad either.

I wouldn't do it but everyone is free to decide on how to spend money. Enjoy the Series X, it's a fantastic system, easy to use and just enjoy the ride.