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Forums - Gaming Discussion - I bought a Series X from a scalper today..... Q

I broke down and bought a Series X from a scalper.  Used OfferUp (a local buy/sell app) because I wanted a great experience for Cyberpunk.  Paid $710 with an extra controller included, which I thought was a decent deal (relatively speaking, obviously).  

Now, I have to decide what to do with my Series S.  Should I sell it (looks like I can get $425 or so into my pocket), or keep it for a second TV?  My original thought was to keep it.  But, am I really going to want to have a less-good experience with some of my gaming?  

And to defuse any console war crap right now, I'll note that I also intend to pick up a PS5 at some point.  But, I'll probably wait for a price drop for that. I damn sure won't pay scalper prices again. I chose XB first this gen because I have two more years on my GP subscription.  It keeps the overall cost of my gaming habit down. 

* Posted in Gaming Discussion rather than MS, because I don't see it as an MS specific topic.  I want to know what people think about buying from scalpers (as opposed to being a scalper, which we talk about all the time at the start of each generation). *

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VAMatt said:

* Posted in Gaming Discussion rather than MS, because I don't see it as an MS specific topic.  I want to know what people think about buying from scalpers (as opposed to being a scalper, which we talk about all the time at the start of eaxh generation). *

You didn't look very hard

Anyways, if you have the cash and don't mind spending it... then enjoy your new console. I certainly wouldn't pay $710 just for a single game (especially when you already have a console that surely would have run it fine), but hey if it means that much to you why not?

I refuse to enable scalpers. Right now I have to build a PC with last gen components due the shortage of current hardware.

I understand some people have more addictive personalities and are easier to dwelve into the FOMO but in the end, while not a bad "deal". You probably would have gained more from waiting still, especially since you've demonstrated in your comment that you are willing to be patient for the PS5 in the first place.

And like numberwang said, it just enables scalpers to do their thing as usual and I won't support any of it.

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The guy cant have made more than like 100 bucks on that. Nice to see gamers not paying those insane prices we saw at first.

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I refuse to pay scalper prices and I've managed to get the PS5 and a 3060ti by just being patient and quick. I'll just hold out for retail price on Series X as well, no rush.

Edit: also, that guy must have been uninformed because he could have sold that bundle for 900+ easily. 

Some people spend their money on booze, pussy, gambling, drugs, smokes etc.

The way I see it, at least you have a tangible asset that will always have some value to it. So if you happy to pay for it better than the stuff above.



You are just feeding the scalper problem by giving them cash to keep them profiting to do what they do... That in turn feeds them scarcity problem, which then forces people to pay exorbitant prices from scalpers.
It's a circular issue. In short... Don't buy from scalpers, then scalpers don't have a market, then we get lower prices and more availability.

I would personally sell the Xbox Series S unless you have use for it in another room... Maybe put it in dev mode and use it as an emulation box?

I for one got a launch console on launch day, so didn't have to pay a scalper. Thankfully.
Yet to play a Series X game on it yet though, but spent most of today replaying Dragon Age: Origins, so that happened.

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I don't care for scalpers or scalping, and it's a sad mess that so much of the launch for the new systems has been plagued by this. That said, as long as it doesn't go on for more than a few months, I don't honestly care too much. If people are willing to pay for it, that's their business.

No one should be losing sleep over not getting the new plastic gaming machine. It's not a big deal, even purely from the perspective of gaming. With any of the other systems there's more than enough games to play right now. You can wait another 6-12 months and barely miss out on anything.

As much as scalpers are taking advantage of people wanting to own these new systems, how many 'professional content creators' are happy taking advantage of the overdramatic reactions to scalping, with their weekly dose of outrage bait through videos/articles? As far as I'm concerned, boths acts contribute about the same amount to society.

The companies were right, the second hand market is bad for people.

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