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I broke down and bought a Series X from a scalper.  Used OfferUp (a local buy/sell app) because I wanted a great experience for Cyberpunk.  Paid $710 with an extra controller included, which I thought was a decent deal (relatively speaking, obviously).  

Now, I have to decide what to do with my Series S.  Should I sell it (looks like I can get $425 or so into my pocket), or keep it for a second TV?  My original thought was to keep it.  But, am I really going to want to have a less-good experience with some of my gaming?  

And to defuse any console war crap right now, I'll note that I also intend to pick up a PS5 at some point.  But, I'll probably wait for a price drop for that. I damn sure won't pay scalper prices again. I chose XB first this gen because I have two more years on my GP subscription.  It keeps the overall cost of my gaming habit down. 

* Posted in Gaming Discussion rather than MS, because I don't see it as an MS specific topic.  I want to know what people think about buying from scalpers (as opposed to being a scalper, which we talk about all the time at the start of each generation). *

Last edited by VAMatt - on 13 December 2020