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Forums - Music Discussion - Any other Midnight Oil fans?

Growing up in Australia in the 90s, the Oils were a big influence on me since I was a kid, I loved not just their rocking tunes but the way they a incorporated deeper themes in their music, from indigenous and worker's rights to environmentalism.

Anyone else here a fan?

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Never heard of them really but I'm certain Blue Sky has popped up in my Spotify some time ago. Pleasant enough to listen to I guess.

Hell yeah! Gotta love Midnight Oil. I'm a Kiwi and an avid fan of New Zealand and Austrlian rock. Some absolute gems that have gone undiscovered by the rest of the world. Aussie Crawl, Cold Chisel, Th Dudes, Split Enz only to name a few. 

Back then I just watched and listened to Beds are burning and Blue sky mine videos on MTV and I liked them.

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Not a fan, just like some of their music 

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Thought you were talking about night owls from thread title. I was going to be like hell yeah second shift worker here.

The band though. Yea I've heard beds are burning song before. Haven't heard too many of their other songs. I'll check them out.

Never heard of them before and most likely never will again.

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I didn't know this band, but the songs on your post definitely sound good to me. I like the lyrics too.

I'm mostly a lurker now.

Everyone is a fan of those big hits. I dont much care abiut the band beyond those songs though.

Are they still around?

I was only familiar with their biggest hit, but I watched a cool video on them a while ago: