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So I was lucky and was able to grab one of the Xbox Series X from Walmart and I have it in hand. I want to buy a TV that doesn't kill my budget but that will do great with the console and to watch TV and sports. 

I'm thinking I want to spend less than $1k and I have been going back and forth after reading tons of reviews for the following.

Sony X900h - I was trying to get the 65" but appears to be sold out so not gonna happen

LG NanoCell 90 - I hear it's great for gaming but sucks with dark colors and that might take away from some TV and gaming expirience

TCL Series 6 - No hdmi 2.1 and refresh rate of 60hz at 4k but good for TV watching. 

Vixio QP - Apparently having issues with compatibility.

Soooo, does anyone have experience with any of these tvs that can tell me which o e would be the best for me? Any other recommendations? 

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I was looking at the TCL and Sony myself but decided to wait for next year's models. If I were to buy today, I'd go with the Sony.

I think DF did a good video and they recommend a samsung and a LG, cant remember the models, but you need to looks for 120Hz refresh rate, Variable Refresh Rate, A High PCI (higher the number the better) 2.1 HDMI and 8k. The more of those elements you hit the better

The best place to start when tossing up between TV's. Sometimes there's too much information. 

You can't realistically expect to buy a 65" TV that offers 4k, HDMI 2.1, 120 Hz and every other features that next gen consoles support for sub $1000.
You have to make compromises somewhere. So either increase your budget, ignore some of the features or choose a smaller screen size. Or the 4th option would be to wait another year or two.

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If it's for Series X don't bother with the Sony for now. They had a firmware update to enable 120hz for the PS5 but not for the Xbox, last I heard.

I'd only recommend the Samsung Q80T or the LG CX. No point being cheap when you're already investing this much for a premium product. You should either go for one of those or wait longer. That's my two cents.

Here is a fairly complete review site:
and even better a handy lookup tool: (and be sure not to miss the add coloumn to include more filters and specs...)

Most newer TVs will update over wifi, and hopefully any known compatibility issues will be resolved, but probably not something you want to rely on especially if you want perfect results day 1.

Don't prioritize 120hz, very few games will have proper 120hz with any sort of visual fidelity, the consoles are far too weak for this. Most games with proper 120fps will be Indie title with much less taxing features and simpler visuals. They're even struggling to reach 60fps in many games. PS4 and Xbox One had trouble maintaining a decent 30fps in many bigger titles, to think that the PS5 and Xbox Series X will be able to quadruple the resolution and the fps on top is madness. I'd go for sheer image quality, especially with movies and TV in mind as well, LG and Samsung are surefire picks in this area and are pretty much unmatched for color depth and contrast on more expensive panels. 8K is nothing today, there is basically no content, and what little there is seems to be insanely compressed streaming assets with some upscaling; it's simply not worth it yet. Another 4-5 years and 8K might be worth considering for a more tech-oriented person, likely no sooner. Remember that the first couple of generations of new tech, in this case 8K, will deliver a pretty poor experience compared to more modern iterations when the tech becomes more standardized; it's quite simply not worth it, not even close, especially with the insane prices.

TCL make great TV's, well priced and often with great speakers. Their main issues are OS-related and compatibility with certain apps, although this has improved greatly. Sony is what I've owned myself for about 15 years now, great design, good features, sharp image and great HDR. They had some app issues but they were due to LG and Samsung having exclusive rights to certain apps (HBO, for instance), Sony themselves even had an exclusive for a while (Amazon Prime app). A bit on the pricey side.

Out of those you've listed, if you're mainly going to game on it, I'd take the LG (great input and motion), if it's more of an all-rounder I'd take the TCL (also; the 2020 series 6 do have 120hz support). If TV and movies are most important, Vizio can't be beat on colors, contrast and lightning in that line-up you provided.

LG OLED65GX is what I got for the Xbox series x but it ain't $1000

Gotta have to wait a year or two to get what you want I guess... But considering very few games are targeted at the new console yet, you shouldn't miss out much... The best that actually uses all that tech in the console and the TV is yet to come... I bought mine because my old one died and got a good 600 discount

Thanks for the input everyone. Ended up buying the Sony x900h. It's. A great TV and should last me thru this gen.