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So I was lucky and was able to grab one of the Xbox Series X from Walmart and I have it in hand. I want to buy a TV that doesn't kill my budget but that will do great with the console and to watch TV and sports. 

I'm thinking I want to spend less than $1k and I have been going back and forth after reading tons of reviews for the following.

Sony X900h - I was trying to get the 65" but appears to be sold out so not gonna happen

LG NanoCell 90 - I hear it's great for gaming but sucks with dark colors and that might take away from some TV and gaming expirience

TCL Series 6 - No hdmi 2.1 and refresh rate of 60hz at 4k but good for TV watching. 

Vixio QP - Apparently having issues with compatibility.

Soooo, does anyone have experience with any of these tvs that can tell me which o e would be the best for me? Any other recommendations?