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Forums - Gaming Discussion - console wars are getting nasty

The pendulum keeps swinging. Digital Foundry was bias against Xbox back in 2013. Then they were bias against PS when Xbox X outperformed PS4 Pro. They hated PS when Series X better optimized last gen titles compared to PS5. Now they hate Xbox because of next gen launch comparisons. And if (yes I said if just in case) Series X devs get used to the late SDK and multiplats favor Xbox in the future Digital Foundry will be accused of being against Sony.

It’s funny and ridiculous when you think about it. But god damn it’s hard to look away. Like seeing a car crash. 

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That sort of behavior is totally unacceptable. I am all for airing this out and blocking folks who want to get toxic.

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Mnementh said:

I just read how ridiculously the Digital Foundry guys are attacked, because they do what they do: analyze the technicalities of games. People really are getting nasty because someone on the internet has a different opinion or talks about something that may let the global million dollar coprporation of their choice look bad.

I feel bad for the guy. He really just would be better off internet outside of making the videos. He literally gets attacked almost everywhere he appears for some reason.


My (locked) thread about how difficulty should be a decision for the developers, not the gamers.

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Three solutions
1. Don't visit Twitter
2. Only state the facts / measurements, leave the opinion and speculation out of it
3. Disable the comment section

However DF is being hypocrites here. They do it for the clicks. It doesn't matter which 'side' is ahead, bit of colorful language and speculation here and there and watch the clicks rolling in. If they would review it like rtings for example, 90% of his stuff would be gone and not directed at him.

Ugh, some people are just the worst.

console wars are so stupid, I wish everyone had the money to buy each console. Maybe that would lessen the console wars. Or maybe not and I am overestimating gamers

I followed one involving Dirt 5.

First the guy claimed the PS4 version was the PS5 version.

Then claimed they couldn't repeat the Xbox error but it was in 60 FPS not 120 FPS.

I couldn't tell if they were sincerely confused or just getting caught lying multiple times. I went with the latter. Their first post was "I had to pay $60 to prove this" and their last one was along the lines of "glad for the code I got from PR". So I couldn't even tell if they were telling the truth about the basic things or not.

"Why are you making Microsoft look back" "why are you making Microsoft look good". Just embarrassing.

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Websites allow it for clicks, they know it is immoral. They shouldn't allow it, hell, governments shouldn't allow it. New laws have always been called for.