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Funny and also terrible that 5-6 games bought at full price, cost the same as a new next gen console. I will still do what i mostly did so far: No buy on launch. Ok i might have gotten a few games out of hype/urge to play them, but now? No way! Getting a game at half price only 4-5 months from launch and playing it at a better state (patches) is a win - win situation for me.

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They aren't excuses, they are explanations, if you want to ignore them and pretend to live in a parallel reality its your choice. It sucks that price have increased, but was expected as everything increases in price number (not always in real inflation correct monetary way).I don't like the new price tag and that will mean even less launch games bought by me, so except the very few games I'll buy on launch I'll keep doing what I done the last 2 gens, wait for the game to hit 10-20 price point before I buy.

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Ka-pi96 said:

It's a ridiculous increase. It's gone from £45 to £70 in the UK. Insane.

They tried to bump the price up from £40 to £50 for the PS4 gen and that was annoying then. It didn't last too long and prices dropped back down to £45.

But going up a tenner is one thing, adding an extra £25 to the price? Disgusting!

This isn't true. RRP of PS4 and Xbox games are £50-60 for most games, you can see this as these are the price on PSN as new digital releases. But no retailer in their right mind ever actually charged that (outside of maybe Game). The difference is that for some reason the retailers aren't reducing the price of the game as they normally would to be competitive. 

But for some reason this time they aren't reducing the cost as much. The Game Collection, Shopto, SimplyGames have mere pennies of the price instead of the usual £s.

Hmm, pie.

Value varies per game, yet overall the entertainment value of games is very high compared to the price.

A $70 games costs as much as a for example The Expanse S1 to S3, yet that's well after release.
A single season, for example S1 ST: Picard costs $35 on blu-ray

Some games can provide hundreds of hours of entertainment and are supported for years, yet even a 12 hour campaign provides more 'value' than a single season of a tv series.

This is up from £60 at launch for PS4 games I I expect them to drop to normal levels of around £55 after the dust has settled after launch for retail games. You can still find other third party games for around £45 like AC:Valhalla from, which is the same for PS4 games currently.

Saying that £70 is not okay for a price for a game imo.

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It is only an increase in the launch/base price. It is the premium paid for early adoption. The price always goes down overtime, at least for physical third party retailers.

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$60 is too much for a game, and yet they're asking for more now. There is no reason for the price increase.

Signalstar said:
It is only an increase in the launch/base price. It is the premium paid for early adoption. The price always goes down overtime, at least for physical third party retailers.

The issue is often the increase is like 10 quid or so at which point it's not too big an increase and when it drops later on it's often by that amount here the increase is full on 30 or so quid which begs the question not only about what warrants that increase but if they'll try to only drop the price by 10 like before meaning an increase of around 20 remains. It's something I wouldn't put pass an industry that pushed the loot box debacle.

My view on this is that Western AAA publishers are the enemy.  I do not like the short-sighted direction they've been taking gaming to and it is still headed in that direction.  What is that directoion?  High cost.

High cost is not a bug.  It's a feature.  At least for AAA Western publishers, cost is a feature.  They want smaller publishers to go out of business.  That reduces their competition.  Activision and EA can survive just fine in the high cost environment.  Small and medium size developers cannot.  And then costs get so high that they have to increase game prices.

We are at a point where most third party games are either 1) made by big publishers or 2) made by indie developers.  Back during Generations 5 and 6 there were a lot more mid-sized developers.  Today, the middle seems mostly gone.

The simple solution to this problem is Nintendo.  Nintendo has been the main spoiler to the high cost strategy since Generation 7.  Nintendo has been providing viable platforms for mid size developers.  I also think it is a better platform for indie studios.  If I were part of an indie or mid-size development team, I would make all of my games Nintendo platform exclusive.  Get out of the high cost, graphics race that can't possibly be won by smaller devs anyway.  And on the consumer side, well I am a consumer.  And I highly recommend fully supporting Nintendo platforms.  Nintendo is definitely not perfect, but I think they are actually trying to advance gaming.  While AAA Western studios are the enemy and they also hate Nintendo.

Gaming has a viable future lead by Nintendo.  It does not have a viable future lead by Western AAA studios.  And for now, the average Switch game is cheaper than the average PS5 game.

Honestly, the "explanations" for the increase are just myths vehiculed by the AAA industry to coerce people into thinking that a simple increase in the base price is fine while putting under the rugs the facts that this increase happened years go when publishers went for DLC's, deluxe edition, the increase in digital revenue(pure profit) and MTX as their new main source of revenues while inherently fragmenting the experience and design of said games.Worst of it all, big constructors like Sony and Microsoft are joining the race which enables said publishers in these bad practices.

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