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Forums - Sony Discussion - Digital Foundry- DMC 5 PS5 Performance Analysis

Raytracing Graphics mode

  • Reconstructed 4K. Framerate from 37-60 fps gameplay, 31-50 fps cutscenes

Raytracing Performance mode

  • Native 1080p. Framerate mostly 60 fps, but with some drops as low as 54 fps. 45-60 fps cutscenes. 

Raytracing off

  • Native 4K. Mostly 60 fps gameplay with some drops, 43-60 fps cutscenes

High framerate mode 

  • Reconstructed 4K, no raytracing. 68-120 fps gameplay, 63-90 fps cutscenes.

Raytracing isn't available on the Legendary Dark Knight mode or Turbo mode. Major issues on 120hz screens, game forces you into 120 fps mode even on modes that were not intended to go above 60 fps, which causes extreme framerate judder. Load times reduced from 19 to 2 seconds. Adaptive trigger support for revving up your weapon.

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Those frame-rate spikes are nuts. There really should have been a solid locked 60 mode.


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Cannot say I'm particularly impressed. But that is to be expected. Developers need to learn hardware to get the most out of it. Ghost is a great example, stunning game.

Seems like this port was rushed

Please excuse my (probally) poor grammar

Qwark said:
Seems like this port was rushed

Definitely seems that way, which is disappointing, this isn't a free next-gen update like many last gen games are getting, you have to pay to buy DMC V for PS5 even if you already own it on PS4.

I wonder if DF will test the Series X version as well, and how it will compare. 

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Sounds like a pointless port

Yeah it looks like a rush job. Very curious to see how series S performs.

Honestly for that raytracing graphics mode I'd rather just see a locked 30fps across gameplay and cutscenes... not a fan of variable framerates and if you can't hit a (mostly) solid 60, just stick with 30.

Angelv577 said:
Yeah it looks like a rush job. Very curious to see how series S performs.

In theory at least, it should perform somewhat above Xbox One X, since Capcom decided not to do ray tracing on Series S. It has a similarly powerful GPU to Xbox One X (lower flops, but better performance per flop due to a newer GPU architecture), with a much faster CPU and storage solution than XB1 X. But considering this seems rushed, it could end up performing below Xbox One X. 

Well the good news:- reconstructed but still 4K in 120 FPS mode.Yikes, so u do actually have to got that HDMI 2.1 to get the full quality.- 2 sec loading.I think frameratecaps are only the matter of time. Actually DMC5SE on PS5 is above what I expected.