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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Mass Effect Legendary Edition Announced for PS4, Xbox One and PC (Spring 2021) and Teases New Mass Effect Game

SKMBlake said:
I'll wait for the Switch version. I don't see the point buying old gen remasters on PS4/Xbox One

I'm hoping this is one of the cases where Switch gets the game a little later on, but its EA, so you never know. They seem to always have something against porting to Switch.


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I don't get why they didn't make a Switch version, since that's where there is the biggest potential for sale( highest likelihood of having players that never played Mass Effect), but it's EA, so shouldn't have expected otherwise.

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Keen to get this, Mass Effect was probably one of my favorite 7th gen game next to Halo, Fable and Dragon Age.

Seeing it with a new coat of paint will be glorious.Needs a Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X release with Ray Tracing enhancements and stuffs though... Plus a coveted Switch release, which has proven to be a great platform for Unreal powered games.

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Just realized that this will hit EA Play and therefore Game Pass about 6-12 months after release.

Might play it after all!

hell yeah. ME is one of my favorite franchise. Been waiting years for this.

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I don't think they should be teasing a new game which is probably in early pre-dev as of now since we all know they're working on Dragon Age right now.And people shouldn't give them the benefit of the doubt due to the last experience that was Andromeda and Anthem.Anywoo, strange they couldn't bother to simply upscale and port the last-gen collection on Switch. I would've been interested since I like my sci-fi adventure games ...

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I am super sad that they won’t release this on Switch. It was one of my hopes. I wanna cry, uäääääää 😢

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I will have the trilogy available via EA Play once it merges with Game Pass. This doesn’t interest me.

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As for the ''new game'' yep, gamepass it will have to be, but man drop that Legendary Edition right this second and i'll be walking into EA offices like