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Forums - Sales Discussion - Best-Selling Western Games in Japan (500k+ Sales)

Salnax said:

Human: Fall Flat has sold 2 million copies in Japan, as revealed by Teyon Japan yesterday.


This makes Human: Fall Flat one of the best-selling Western games in Japan.

Also note that the Switch version seems to have sold a bulk of these copies, seeing as only 600k copies had been sold prior to the Switch version's release.

It is likely that other contemporary indie games have sold a million or more copies in Japan, including Undertale, Inside, and Stardew Valley, all of which have charted well on the Switch eShop.

That's only on Switch/PS4/PS5 btw. The game is also on mobile, which is huge in Japan.

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No big updates the past few months besides Minecraft's lead widening by another 200k or so.

The latest seemingly notable candidate for this list seemed to be the Mario vs Donkey Kong remake, since it is developed by the Seattle-region-based Nintendo Software Technology. However, it appears that the remake will ultimately sell significantly less than the series at its height on the DS, barring impressive legs.

Also note that Marvel's Spider-Man 2 fits the category of "games that might be on the list if we knew digital sales, with almost 300k confirmed retail sales.

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Minecraft Game Pass redemptions are not included I take it. I don't think subscription redemptions of titles on PS Plus or Game Pass are ever included in generic digital sales.
I'd have to imagine a good number of the Game Pass subscribers in Japan downloaded Minecraft.
If Minecraft ever gets native PS5 and Xbox Series X/S versions, I don't think you'll get too many double (or more) dippers in Japan or globally.

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