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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - What game made you a Nintendo fan, and what was it about it?

I used to be a Nintendo fan but now I've grown up and Nintendo is just a hobby on the side of mature gaming console.

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Can't really say it was one game, but the collective libraries of NES and SNES that made me love Nintendo

For me it's definitely Pokemon. I played these games my whole childhood, sometimes even nowadays.
Honorable mentions would be Zelda Windwaker, StarFox Adventures and Super Smash Bros Melee.

English is not my first language, please excuse me if I am making any mistakes. Currently I am learning english and want to improve, so feel free to correct me anytime, thank you in advance! :)

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zelda on nes

Goldeneye, which made me pick up a N64, which made me a fan of Zelda.

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Zelda (NES). Really I stay with Nintendo as my favorite because they focus on gameplay, controls and level design. I'm not into cinematics and everything having to be bland open world.

My Nintendo fandom evolved over time. It all started with Final Fantasy on the NES. Very special times spent with brothers discovering this mystical world.
I loved looking at the artwork on the cassettes, and loved classic game experiences like Megaman, Punchout, Ninja Gaiden, Super Mario, Mario 2, Mario 3, Zelda 2, Castlevania, Simon's Quest, Goonies, Bubble Bobble, Metroid, Zelda, Bionic Commando, Bayou Billy. I loved the graphics at the time, and the music. I was also a fan of the action and gameplay of all the gaming experiences that could be played on the NES. This was the same feeling with my personal gameboy, that I almost loved even more personally because it was in my own drawer. I loved playing these private experiences with Mario Land, Tetris, Link's Awakening, Metroid 2, Dr Mario, Mario Land 2, Arkanoid, Lock 'n Chase, TMNT, Yoshi's cookie and later even Pokemon and Zelda Oracle of Ages & Seasons.

It continued with the SNES as a natural progression to continue my love of original series, like FF IV, Megaman X, Super Mario World, Super Metroid, Link to the Past, and then new series like F-Zero, Street Fighter II, Star Fox, Secret of Mana, Super Mario RPG, Donkey Kong Country and Goof Troop.

With the N64, I just fell in love with Nintendo. My breath was taken away when I first saw Mario 64 at the Nintendo Center at La Ronde. I then fell deeply in love with Zelda 64 and then Majora's mask, and had some favorites with Mario Kart 64, Banjo Kazooie, Donkey Kong 64, Mario Tennis 64 and at the tail end I became a crazy fan of Super Smash Bros, and I really enjoyed the quality of Perfect Dark and Excitebike 64!

The Gamecube then was a bittersweet memory, because while I loved Smash Melee and Metroid Prime and enjoyed Waverace Bluestorm, I felt a bit disappointed by Mario Sunshine, Double Dash and Wind Waker, even though I understood the quality of these games. I really enjoyed DK Jungle beat and started to see Nintendo take a new direction and I was happy about it, because I was not a fan of the direction PS and Xbox were leading the industry. I also was glad to enjoy Resident Evil 1 in its remade form. But during this time, I was enjoying the game boy advance's F-Zero Maximum Velocity, Circle of the moon, Mario Kart Super Circuit, Metroid Fusion and Sonic Advance.

The Wii came out and blew my mind with its new concept, and I absolutely loved Mario Galaxy, Twilight Princes, Skyward Sword, Punch Out, and even Wii Sport and Wii Sports Resort and all the classic console games on NES and SNES, as well as new types of games like New Super Mario Bros. And I had a great time playing Metroid Prime 3 Corruption. The DS was a similar experience with New Super Mario Bros DS, Art Academy, Final Fantasy IV DS. I was glad to play these new experiences and see Nintendo make a comeback.

My time on Nintendo ended on the WiiU and 3DS, with good times playing 3D World, Mario Kart 8 and NSMBU, as well as some indie games like Shovel Knight and Teslagrad. On the 3DS, I thoroughly enjoyed Super Street Fighter IV, NSMB2 and some other experiences like Theatrhythm final fantasy.

In the end, my time on Nintendo consoles was filled with great gaming moments (esp. on the NES and SNES), big shocks on the N64, games that got me hooked very hard (Smash) and new experiences (indies, motion games and new game types) towards the end.

I hope that Nintendo continues to cater to more tastes as their Switch platform continues to gain popularity, and that they make games for a very long time.

For me it was Starfox on the SNES.

It's epic fight to turn back an entire enemy army, overcome massive and powerful bosses, and reclaim a conquered solar system of exotic alien planets enthralled my space-and-science-fiction-loving brain, it was the epitome of cool.

Even as a kid I'd already started keeping track of what studios and directors made the films I liked, and Starfox burned "Nintendo" into my mind as a company that delivered grand adventures unlike anything I'd experienced before.

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I love Nintendo since Super Mario Bros and Duck Hunt, But Zelda 1 was the one that made me a fan.

I've become a mainly Nintendo fan three times. I think from Mario onward, I've always been a Nintendo fan to an extent, but I've also been mainly a Square/Rare fan and a Sega fan. And Square going to PSX took me with them, especially by the end of the N64 era with crazy Yamauchi's comments and ridiculous pride.

1. Super Mario Bros, made me a huge Nintendo fan. But I became a Sega fan in the 90s, I also caught the Sonic the Hedgehog bug.
2. Secret of Mana/DKC I think the Square and Rare combo really did a lot to win me back in the mid-1990s after a brief stint as a Sega fan (it felt a lot longer than 3 years in my memory, but that's about all it was).
3. Animal Crossing/Wii Sports - while I still was a fan during the N64 era, I just about all but forgot about Nintendo after Conker, but I was on my way out by the time of GE007/Mario Kart as becoming much more interested in the PSX (mainly because of Square, Capcom, and Konami games)... Animal Crossing made me look back at Nintendo again at the end of the Gamecube era, and then a year or so later when Wild World came out on DS, I was fully hooked on their handhelds - it was a different experience, but I enjoyed both for different reasons - AC Cube was more of a community game while AC DS really made AI-social creation a big deal, carving out your own reality. AC Cube also came out on the eve of all the Revolution/Wii hype - and it was Wii Sports and the year 1 Wii lineup that brought me back full onboard with Nintendo.

While I wasn't on board with Wii U, I still played the crap out of 3DS, and Sony failed to win me back as, IMO, they are not the same company they were with the PSX and PS2. Playstation has become a full-fledged plug-into-TV PC gaming machine. So, I didn't need Switch to win me back.

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