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Forums - Sales Discussion - Sony's Q2 FY results: 113,6m PS4s Sold, 45,9m+ PS Plus subcriptions as of September 30th, 2020. 107m+ Active monthly users.

I guess I'll have to revise my expectations for PS4 lifetime sales from 130m to 125m. I'm surprised it's down YoY by that much considering the COVID boost.

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Ryng said:
JRPGfan said:

PS4 has sold ~7,8m so far this year, and the holidays are comeing up

PS4 has shipped 4.9 million this year so far.

It's currently down YOY 43%. It won't ship more than 9 million at best in 2020, probabily around 8.5 million, which would mean a bit over 117 million lifetime.

After that, PS4 won't go much father, being down 40-45% this year even with the COVID boost really should show that PS4 is dying fast.

Will surpass 120 million and maybe reach 125 million which is what i'm thinking honestly, though forget 130 million or more.

This is because when I said "this year" I just added up the sales from jan 2020 -> now according to VGCz numbers.
Thats around 7,8m.

Yeah abit over 117m by end of the holidays seems like a reasonable assumption.
If it does "well" it might just barely edge 118m by then.

I'm hopeing they do a super slim, and a cheap price for 3rd world countries or places were perphaps it hasnt sold that well yet due to price.
PS2 kept selling forever, and the PS4 has a fantastic library of games, ontop of early on alot of games will be cross gen.... I could see a cheap slim pumping some life into the PS4 sales, and keep it going until 130m.

Ontop of that next gen XSX and PS5 are launching abit pricey at 499$.
A super slim PS4 at like 149$ might just do the trick, if the other option is to fork out 499$ (which not everyone can just do).

I see VGChartz has PS4 sales a tad too high. Through October 3 we have them at 113.63 million. I'll make adjustments down for the previous quarter.

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from 6M to 3.4. At this pace, it is going to sell/ship around 8M this fiscal year.

Over tracked in Q2

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I think It is pretty clear Sony wants to get rid of the PS4 on the market. They might support it with games but they will start building their new system first. Anyone expecting a new model of PS4 after the PS5 launch, that would be really surprising.

Guys do you know if there has been a stock issue with the PS5 or is demand just not as big anymore? Cause if it's a stock issue it might sell better than we think in the future. However, it seems like Sony is already ready to move on from PS4 so I don't think they'll prioritize stocking the PS4 in the future and heavily push for the consumer for PS5.

For PS4, its beginning to look more difficult for it to hit 130M lifetime, im 2020 PS4 will likely sell around 8Million which would put it at 118M by the end of this year. After, I find it difficult to see the PS4 selling more than 6 million in years after. 8 expect around 125M sold. Which is an amazing success Sony should be proud of.

Over tracked in Q2

Yes, that's why there is a thing called adjustments.

Awesome results for Sony and PS4 heading into a new gen and definitely riding a lot of momentum. Global software sales should be getting close to passing the PS2 as the number 1 software selling console. They have had one hell of a winning gen and now have the most profitable console in history. Looking forward to a new gen and PS5 in a little over 2 weeks time.

I know that we usually focus more on hardware on this site, but those PS4 software numbers are very impressive.  Q1 this FY was 91m and this Q2 is 80.9m.  I'm just comparing this to last year where they sold 83.3m during Q3, the holiday quarter.  They are selling around holiday numbers just during their normal quarters.

I'd say this will be their gaming division's most profitable FY yet except I am sure they are selling the PS5 at a loss.  If we only look at software sales though, I wouldn't be surprised if this ends up being was their most profitable FY yet.  Those are some impressive software numbers.