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javi741 said:
Guys do you know if there has been a stock issue with the PS5 or is demand just not as big anymore? Cause if it's a stock issue it might sell better than we think in the future. However, it seems like Sony is already ready to move on from PS4 so I don't think they'll prioritize stocking the PS4 in the future and heavily push for the consumer for PS5.

For PS4, its beginning to look more difficult for it to hit 130M lifetime, im 2020 PS4 will likely sell around 8Million which would put it at 118M by the end of this year. After, I find it difficult to see the PS4 selling more than 6 million in years after. 8 expect around 125M sold. Which is an amazing success Sony should be proud of.

I guess you are asking about inventory issues for PS4. We have heard on some months of shortage of PS4, but I don`t think that is really the case. Most likely the demand is on its end.

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