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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Immortals Fenyx Rising and two other games playable for free in Chrome for a limited time

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Which of the three games you are most excited for?

Pacman Mega Tunnel Battle 1 7.69%
Humankind 1 7.69%
Immortals Fenyx Rising 4 30.77%
none of the three 7 53.85%

After watching the trailer of Fenix I got more interested.

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Just tried fenix with an xbox one controller, it recognized it right away no fiddling with settings. input lag is not too bad it is playable. this my internet speed for reference:

edit: mouse and keyboard works too.

Quick reminder: this is the last day you can try out Fenyx, the other demos have already run out.

I played all three. My takeaways...

Pac-Man Mega Tunnel Battle: As I expected not a game for me. I tried a few rounds, but best placement was in 30s for me. But if you like the arcade-gameplay of Pacman, I see how this can be immense fun. Basically it is the idea of Tetris 99 and Mario 35: You have a battle royale with a classic game principle. In the case of Pac-Man, you play constantly Pac-Man, until your lives run out. The gameplay has substantial additions though: You can enter the labyrinths of your neighbors, and you can even gobble them up like ghosts after eating the right pill. For an experienced player of Pac-Man I can see how this totally works. Just not the game for me.

Humankind: Well, I like complex simulation games. But it is also hard to enter them, as you are overfilled with information. I can see as this was a dev demo, that they need to add tutorials and introduction missions, to slowly bring players into the gameplay. This one I played with keyboard and mouse, as this just works better. The other two games I played with controller. My takeaway is: in the short time I dedicated to play this game, I struggled still to understand all systems. The one I understood offered a lot of deeper gameplay and with more time I can see myself depply enjoying this game. But overall the differences to classics like Civilization aren't too big - or in the short time I didn't recognized them. As I play many different game genres, I see myself sticking ot more established series like Civ. But if you need more of this, Humankind offers a lot of systems to add to the experience.

Immortals Fenyx Rising: This was the one I was looking forward to play the most, and it was also the most fun for me. I am a fan of classical greek mythology, that is why I played AssCreed: Odyssey while skipping some previous entries. But Immortals take it a step further towards the mythology and to an overall more fun a lighthearted gameplay. I see the game takes notes form three games/series, and mix them very well to a good composition. Many have noticed the visual comparisons to Breath of the Wild, but Immortals also included exploration and mobility options of BOTW and some ideas in regards to puzzle solving, although Immortals has more of that than BOTW. Fighting, equipment and skill progression is very similar to the AssCreed series. The fighting was interesting too, at least for the demo the variety was big enough and the fights were challenging, but not a chore. The third game I see in this is Kid Icarus: Uprising. The banter of the gods narrating the gameplay is a fun way to keep the game more engaging. In the demo Zeus and Prometheus narrated, which seem the main narrators. I hope that as in Kid Icarus other gods join in from time to time, to keep things fresh. Overall I am even more excited for this game than before.

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