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Forums - Gaming Discussion - This Gen I´ll be migrating to XBOX and will be my platform of choise

I´ll be changing my gaming console first choise this gen for 3 reasons as soon as I can get it. For Now I have several games to play on PS4 pro. 

I´ve been playing on my PC after ATARI Days until PS4. I still have my GTX 1070 GamingX, but I love to play on my bedroom. The PS4 pro has been great, with awesome exclusives from Santa Monica, Naughty Dog and many more and supported most 3rd party games. 

Playstation is awesome, and Microsoft lacked good AAA first party games besides Gears, Forza and Halo. 

Now the XBOX series X has better graphics specs, It seems to be between a RTX 2080 and a 2080 Super, and that is very good if you want to play games at 4k 60. Of course the graphics will have to be turn down here and there to achieve that fps and probably will be 30 fps in the future. 

On the other side, The PS5 has a faster SSD, but only first party titles will really take advantage of it. And besides that, the XBOX SSD is more than 20 times as fast as XBOX ONE HDD. And the PS5 GPU is between a RTX 2060 super and a 2070. That´s like 20-30% less performance. 

The Series X box is smaller, and much better engineered, The aesthetics are better for my room. And for its size its a beast. 

1 -So the 1st reason is better overall hardware. And I love great hardware.

2- The second reason is the purchase of Bethesda. With the Bethesda Adquisition, microsoft will have several great AAA games that I play and I doubt that those games, specially the most demanded ones are going to Sony. 

3 - and last Price. I really can´t understand why, but in my country (Argentina) games are usually 3 to 5 times more expensive on Sony Store. And the country is sinking, an average Salary is about 4 sony new games. 

It´s cheaper to get the XBOX Series X and The games, plus the PS5 afterwards to play the exclusives than get the PS5 and all the games in that platform. 

I can be considering changing my pc too , but getting a new motherboard, cpu, ram and graphic card will double the price of getting the XBOX Series X and also I don´t have my desktop in my room. 

So there you go. I´ve been a PC gamer, a PS Gamer and will be an XBOX Gamer. 

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Good points.

Does Gamepass exist in your country?

VAMatt said:
Good points.

Does Gamepass exist in your country?

yes it does. And There are "XBOX game anywhere" games that I´ll be able to play not only on xbox but on my PC. 

Seems like the best choice for you, you could always get a PS5 down the road when they’re a lot cheaper and play the exclusives you want. Xbox is offering a killer value, can’t argue with that.

To be quite frank and I'm not taking a dig at you specifically but we get these threads every cycle and really who cares.

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Cool, I've personally upgraded pretty much every part of my PC minus the GPU. I was planning on foregoing Series X and getting a 3080 but stock as been extremely scarce so I've resigned myself to getting the series X again.

I wouldn't reduce things to the simplistic "20% better performance" like you do, that is at crudest generic level of measurement, and one where "declining returns" certainly applies. PS5's 2x fast SSD is certainly something relevant to performance and enabling better texture LOD seems just as impactful as the difference in GPU silicon. To say 3rd parties can't take advantage of it ignores that major 3rd party engine Unreal has actuallly optimized for the advanced I/O system controlling it, and did so before launch showing it's not that hard. Assuming it's just like Cell and 3rd party can't/won't utilize it doesn't seem worth betting on. And then there is the "performance" of advanced audio, or even using Tempest hardware like Cell for non-audio graphics-adjacent tasks to augment GPU power, as well as impact of the advanced triggers and force feedback and so on.

From my perspective, since MS isn't really trying to offer unique hardware or capabilities beyond "generic power", Xbox seems the most skippable console if you also have gaming PC, since the same content will be there too. That said, if there is major pricing difference in Argentina (I'm not familiar with how much or why), seems only normal to go with the most reasonable pricing, and Sony should try to fix that if they want to compete. Then there is Bethesda deal that seems certain to involve at least timed exclusive if not full console exclusivity... Hard to say what MS' plans are, since they aren't really being explicit about it, but if you really want to be playing those immediately on console (not just PC) then your choice makes sense.

Good choice, Xbox will save you hundreds dollars over the first few years of this generation with Gamepass that now also include EA Access and all the new studios. All third party will definitely perform better on XSX and the longer you can delay buying a PS5 the cheaper and better value that system will be you. You also wont have to worry about Sony price hike on video games since all of their exclusives will be available on the used market by the time you join that eco system.

Cool story bro. That's already 1 confirmed sale for Xbox. Starting the gen off strong this time.

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shikamaru317 said:

Congrats on the move. I definitely think there has never been a better time to pick Xbox as your primary console, between the higher GPU/CPU specs, the value of Gamepass, and the huge number of 1st party studios MS will soon have assuming the Bethesda deal is approved by all antitrust regulatory bodies. 

My biggest takeaway from your post though, is why in the heck does Sony charge so much for games in Argentina? I believe I've heard similar stories about Sony pricing in other South American countries as well. Seems like cheaper games and the value of gamepass should present Microsoft with a real opportunity for big market growth in South America. They have always struggled against Sony on a worldwide marketshare basis due to Sony's strength in Asia and Europe, but maybe MC can reclaim the US and UK this gen and use South America to make up for some of the lost ground in Europe and Japan. Just a thought. 

I'm not sure if its just in Argentina but here in Colombia, both Xbox and PlayStation games cost about the same and they really are that expensive. It's like they convert the 60 USD price tag to local currency (in countries with much less purchasing power so its not really the same) and then add an extra for the retailers to make profit.

Steam on the other hand offers much better pricing here.