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It's afantastic game from start to finish full of charm, beautiful levels and wonderful music. Playing this solo is already great but the multiplayer makes it even better. For anyone who hasn't already played it on the Wii U this is a must have.

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Yes, I'd say it's definitely worth getting.

Starts off super easy and felt kinda slow. By the end, it was possibly my absolute favorite Mario game.

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Slownenberg said:
I hope they put out a demo for it so I can try it out first, otherwise I'll probably just be on the lookout for a sale at some point. I was pretty disappointed in NSMBU:D even though I normally love 2D Mario games. I guess that's what makes me wary of 3D World in that its more like a 2D Mario in 3D, and the last 2D Mario was pretty mediocre and the only game on Switch that I have that I felt wasn't worth the money.

Nintendo loves 3D Mario. The previous generation was when Nintendo did everything they could to make 3D Mario sell better than 2D Mario, hence why all the cool ideas were reserved for the 3D games while the 2D games were treated to the bare minimum. The staleness of NSMB2 and NSMBU was intended.

Also worth mentioning is that we are close to completing year 8 without a new 2D Mario game and that despite how appropriate it would have been to celebrate 35 years of Super Mario Bros. with a new 2D game.

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My favorite 3D Mario by far. I will say it's best with friends.

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I plan on getting it. Wii U was the only Nintendo system i never owned.

$60 is steep, but Nintendo is notorious for keeping the prices high. I don't think you'd regret the purchase, though.

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I say go for it. 3d world is my favorite mario game

Easily. 3d World is a fantastic game that's oozing with creativity and dripping with content. Every time you think you've finished there's a lot more. Plus it's the only 3d Mario to offer true multiplayer. The Switch version is adding online co-op as well as an entirely new mode, so Nintendo is actually putting more effort into this port than they did into the 3d All Stars collection. It's a different kind of game than the other 3d Marios on Switch, but it holds its own against any of them.

The answer is an emphatic yes.

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