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Forums - Sales Discussion - UK: PS5 day one pre orders are 3 times that of Series X and S (UPD: and 32% higher than PS4)

So business as usual?

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siebensus4 said:
Well, not really surprising. PS4 sold about 3 times more than Xbox One in UK. So this factor should continue with next gen.

What ? That's not true. lol

Sh1nn said:

From UKIE analyst

Not that i am not trust you, but does she has credibility ? 

This is to be expected. Xbox sales are bound to increase over last gen due to better marketing and console. I wonder how Series X/S fared over the Xbox 360.

But yeah people are thirsty AF for a new Playstation in the UK.

PS5 is gonna sell really well.
When GoW5 arrives next year it'll be quite interesting.

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BraLoD said:
PS5 is gonna sell really well.
When GoW5 arrives next year it'll be quite interesting.

If Barlog and crew get GoW2 out next year... damn. Horizon 2 and GoW2 in the same year?

Good. That will force MS to buy more studios to bring more games and keep offering Game Pass at its current price.

PS5 is going to crush all sorts of console launch records.

If they had the stock, I wouldn't be surprised to see 2 - 3 Million PS5's sold in the first week, launch aligned.

yup PS5 launch gonna be insane.
PS4 first week was 250.000 in UK, we'll see 300.000 minimum for PS5.

And i think the rest of Europe will see even a bigger growth.

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So PS5 launch will be fine? I wonder if rest of europe is up 30%+ on the PS4 as well, if its a trend PS5 is gonna have a pretty good launch.