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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Xbox Series Pre-order - Did you get one?


Did you get an Xbox Series Pre-order?

I got an Xbox Series X Pre-order 20 52.63%
I got an Xbox Series S Pre-order 2 5.26%
I tried but did not get a Pre-order 4 10.53%
Just checking result 12 31.58%

Got a Series X from the MS Store. Was trying to get it with All Access, but couldn't find any site where that worked. Not a big deal since it's only a $20 savings to get a Series X with All Access, and it gives me the flexibility to save a little if I wanted to use just the console Gamepass instead of Ultimate.

My fear is that the price of Gamepass will go up soon with them acquiring Bethesda, and if I had All Access I'd have that price locked for 2 years.


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I managed to get one 2 minutes after Amazon preorders went live, a Series X to be precise.

Was a bit of a hassle, but yes, managed to pre-order the Series X.

Microsoft trow Shade at Sony on Twitter because of Sony preorder debacle , had a date for it and still fucked it up. Lets BE honest There Will never BE a console release That have preorders running smoothly.


Barkley said:
ArchangelMadzz said:

What about Microsofts payment plan? Is that not available right now?

I already have gamepass ultimate paid until April 2022, so the monthly payment doesn't really make sense for me.

if you go with the payment plan it will add on to current membership, so you could be good till April 2024 :P
The Xbox Seris S upscale to 4k, most people don't see much of a difference. 

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Short answer: "no."

Long answer: There are always going to be early adopters. I'd wait if I were you. The only console I've purchased on launch date was a PS2, but that was only because I "got lucky." If you are getting one on launch date, set expectations low when it comes to logistics. It's worse than trying to fine a nice restaurant to eat at during peak times when the wait time to be seated is over 45 minutes. Less headaches, better life.

I haven't gotten a single xbox console in my entire life because PC/PS/Nintendo generally covered all that I ever needed so flopping down $300-$400 for a small amount of games was a solid no thanks for me.

This generation however... With Xbox All Access... And the Value of Gamepass... Welp... I am just waiting until All Access goes live in Canada to order!


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I tried at launch time this morning to get one at just about every possible retailer. I was unable to do so. However, just now, three and a half hours after they went live, I just got a series s pre-order placed at Best Buy. The only problem is, I don't want a series s. I want an X. I just placed it as a backup plan.

Got one X and one S (kid...) :)
Took me forever on, but I managed to do it.

I'm pissed off. I was o. The GameStop page and Iafter being placed on the queue I got one. Do everything in the cart, put my payment information and when I click payment I get an error and after trying multiple times it finally kicked me out and was not able to get one.