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Did you get an Xbox Series Pre-order?

I got an Xbox Series X Pre-order 20 54.05%
I got an Xbox Series S Pre-order 2 5.41%
I tried but did not get a Pre-order 4 10.81%
Just checking result 11 29.73%
Soonerman said:
I'm pissed off. I was o. The GameStop page and Iafter being placed on the queue I got one. Do everything in the cart, put my payment information and when I click payment I get an error and after trying multiple times it finally kicked me out and was not able to get one.

Ouch, that sucks. Well, MS did confirm last week that they will have multiple preorder re-stocks ahead of launch. I'd recommend signing up for email notifications on preorder restocks. 

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Manage to secure a second Pre-order with

Tommy Jean, CPA, CGA

They're still available in my place(Sonyland), i'll give it try preorder both Series X and Series S on Thursday, hopefully after release the delivery should be smooth.

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Scalpers suck.

No, not yet. Not gonna get one until there's something I feel like I have to play. When I do get one, it'll be because of that $25 a month payment plan/Game Pass thingy.

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Got X with minor technical issues on retailer side. But there is no need to hurry actually I guess. Even PS5 is still in stock where I live, so it doesn’t seem like the US/UK situation with consoles selling out minutes after pre-orders open is the case here.


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I got a Series X outright and almost bought an S on all-access for the gf. Got it at 8:02AM, they ran out after like 5 minutes on Microsoft store UK.

Sadly the rep said that they would tie the game pass to my account if i'm the one buying the all-access policy so that kind of ruins the value proposition if you're buying a console as a gift and already have your own game pass account. Unless you want like three years of game pass on your account lol and want the recipient to buy their own gamepass.

Edit: Series S is still available in the UK store if anyone cares 'cos they restocked it. I assume this will be happening a lot

I got a Series X preordered. I was unable to secure the Series S for my son but after some thinking I think I'll get him his own series x through the all access option

I tried, but no avail. I stood in that Gamestop line for almost 2 hours just for them to tell me that they only have 8 consoles. I was #16 in line. It's all good. I'll get it eventually.

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Baddman said:
I got a Series X preordered. I was unable to secure the Series S for my son but after some thinking I think I'll get him his own series x through the all access option

The trouble is that the game pass will add to your account that signs up to the policy if you go all access. So your kid will be gamepass-less and you'll be sitting on like three years of ultimate. Let me know if you find a way around it because I want to do the same thing

This was my first time buying a console at launch. I had several tabs up with one being the MS store, Amazon, Target, and Best Buy. Amazon and Best Buy were having issues with not showing the pre-order. Ended up getting mine from the MS store and was only a 10 minute process. Really not that bad.