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javi741 said:
R.I.P not only the 3DS line, but the DS line in general 2004-2020. Thank you Nintendo for all the memories and great experiences I've had with this device. The sadness of it being officially discontinued is really starting to hit me now even though the writing was on the wall.

I'm still a young guy (though a college graduate) And it's crazy to think in my life I've seen the end of the Game Boy (Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance) and DS (DS, 3DS) families.

I honestly don't think Nintendo will make a platform again that is just portable with no home console version, or vice versa. I think it is hybrids from here until whenever Nintendo stops making hardware.

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Despite not being Ninty's best and best selling system, it managed to utterly dominate its competitor, but its most important achievement has been to keep Ninty afloat during the Wii U painful flop, paving also the way for NS' astounding success.

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Damn. I wanted Switch to pass 3DS's hardware total before it was taken off of the market. It was due to end though. No need to keep the old 3DS going while the Switch is breaking sales records.

So many great memories that I have from playing 3DS games (and there's still many games for it that I want to play).

My fave games for the system are Kid Icarus: Uprising and Zelda: A Link Between Words.

Anyway, Rest in Peace, sweet prince.

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I don't know how to quickly find relevant threads, and I'm way too lazy to search for more than a few minutes. What did the users of this site think was going to be lifetime sales when the system launched?

noname2200 said:
I don't know how to quickly find relevant threads, and I'm way too lazy to search for more than a few minutes. What did the users of this site think was going to be lifetime sales when the system launched?

I can only rely on my own recollection, but we are talking about a decade ago here.

I am fairly sure that the general consensus hovered slightly above the 100m mark before the 3DS launched. Another general consensus was that the marketshare split between 3DS and NGP (Next Gen Portable, later known as Vita) would be about 60/40, so Sony being able to make it a closer race than DS vs. PSP.

But those original 100m+ expectations (my own one included) got quickly dashed with the 3DS's slow start and the ensuing even worse start for the Vita made people realize that the market would shrink by a tremendous amount instead of one company's loss being another company's gain. Lifetime sales expectations for the 3DS kept being adjusted down year after year, and by year 5 it was so bad that 70m was considered incredibly optimistic.

So the 3DS kept defying expectations for a very long time. Initially too much optimism, eventually too much pessimism. I suppose you can call it an interesting generation. The 3DS also incurred temporary losses for Nintendo, so the overall conclusion can only be a negative one: The 3DS did not live up to expectations. ~76m lifetime is only good in the context of where the expectations were when they hit rock bottom, but that doesn't negate the initial loftier predictions at all.

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And I still have much so much legacy content on this console to play that I just can't say it has died in my eyes.

Also it was a good time if you were a JRPG fan, man this console got so much of them it is crazy ... Atlus mainly speaking :)

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I wasn't the biggest fan of the system personally, but all the same, it's always somewhat melancholy to see a system (and in this case a hardware line) sail off into the sunset. It's the end of an era; it's highly doubtful there will be any more major standalone handheld systems after this. The last of its kind.

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