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Azzanation said:

Thats true, it is dictated by the company to continue or abandoned it.

The 1X is an amazingly built platform however it will struggle with future CPU based games etc. 1X was built to be a 4k machine 1st. Series S is for the long haul. Series S has what it needs to play next gen games with lower fidelity.

My debate is more about trying to advertise the PROs and Xs numbers to help sell the systems over the Series S which we all know Teraflops dont tell the full story of a systems capability.

The Xbox One X does have a surprisingly capable CPU, it's no Zen powered processor... But Microsoft did allot of engineering to offload as much CPU tasks onto the GPU blocks as possible... I.E. Draw Calls onto the Command Processor inside the GPU.

Sadly not all games leveraged that extensively.

But yeah, Teraflops is a useless metric that really shouldn't be used in casual discussions as the majority of people don't really understand what it actually is and what it actually means.

One fact is though... The Xbox Series S is definitely a more efficient machine than the Xbox One X and definitely has a faster CPU and a more capable GPU.

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Azzanation said:
sethnintendo said:

Well if they can't tell difference between Wii and Wii U how are people supposed to know difference between Xbox One and Xbox Series S and X.  Soon Microsoft will have to put out something like this.

Its not rocket science. Soon one will be discontinued and the only option will be S or X. Much like how common GPUs work. 

No one told me that the Wii U was an espresso machine, if they had advertised that and sold them in homeware they would have outsold the PS4 , coffee while you game awesome. 

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DonFerrari said:
Azzanation said:

Lacklustre and being next gen are very different things.

DonFerrari said:

You talk about Sony showing the specs and that being misleading (even if they don't say it is next gen or anything), but when MS directly mislead when saying it would be the same but with lower res you don't criticize.

CPU is slower, RAM is less and with less bandwidth, SSD is smaller as well.

What are you on about.. MS misleading? The specs on the Series S is exactly whats in the machine, you pay for what you get. Optimizing the games is another complete topic, you are clearly spinning this. While i am clearly pointing out that the Series S is a next gen system capable of playing next gen games, something the PRO and XB1X cannot do unless a game is made cross gen.

Example: My current XB1X wont allow me to download "The Medium" from GamePass because it says incompatible hardware, now the XB1X is superior to the PS4 PRO in all aspects, figure that out. Developers are moving past old hardware, regardless if they can run them. 

I know the specs of the Series S. So are you saying the Series S is not a next gen system because the numbers are lower? Example: Teraflops 

You do know the Series S runs all the latest software that goes with the newer hardware right, which is just as important as the hardware itself! Velocity Architecture, Latest Direct X, DX Ray Tracing etc. Things the XB1X cant do, no matter how many Teraflops it has under the hood.

Oh and the Series S's CPU is light years ahead of the CPU in the PRO and X. All the stats outside the SSD being smaller (Which doesn't add anything to performance) the Series S is better in. The more important factor part to all this is which console will be playing the latest games, and i can tell you, it wont be the PRO.

MS said the games on Series S would work as on Series X but with 1/3 of the framerate. On the first wave that have been far from true. But you will deviate from calling that misleading and pretend it is just optimization. Not that you haven't blamed optimization and tools for the Series X not outperforming PS5 by a lot as you were expecting before right?

So you did know that the CPU, RAM, SSD etc were weaker than Series X but occasionally forgot to mention them? But Sony would be misleading with only putting the specs of PS4Pro even if they don't say it is gen 9?

You know that there are games that Series S doesn't even have the RTX enabled? That the BC games on Series S doesn't run the X1X version even if it is stronger in all aspects as you claim? Also I have no idea where you saw myself claiming Series S isn't gen 9.

This got way off track and says more about you two's relationship history than anything and that history if shown pictorially would be a Ouroboros. having said that those what if's that we all know are a part of Eric's dna can trap you .

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Research shows Video games  help make you smarter, so why am I an idiot