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Azzanation said:

Thats true, it is dictated by the company to continue or abandoned it.

The 1X is an amazingly built platform however it will struggle with future CPU based games etc. 1X was built to be a 4k machine 1st. Series S is for the long haul. Series S has what it needs to play next gen games with lower fidelity.

My debate is more about trying to advertise the PROs and Xs numbers to help sell the systems over the Series S which we all know Teraflops dont tell the full story of a systems capability.

The Xbox One X does have a surprisingly capable CPU, it's no Zen powered processor... But Microsoft did allot of engineering to offload as much CPU tasks onto the GPU blocks as possible... I.E. Draw Calls onto the Command Processor inside the GPU.

Sadly not all games leveraged that extensively.

But yeah, Teraflops is a useless metric that really shouldn't be used in casual discussions as the majority of people don't really understand what it actually is and what it actually means.

One fact is though... The Xbox Series S is definitely a more efficient machine than the Xbox One X and definitely has a faster CPU and a more capable GPU.

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