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Forums - Sales Discussion - Famitsu Sales: Week 36, 2020 (Aug 31 - Sep 06)

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Looks like Ring Fit Adventure is consistently the top Switch game everywhere right now. I would guess that means that Nintendo really amped up production of it.

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They are also probably stockpiling units for the holidays, the game is going to explode this year as expected with the Chinese launch hopefully solving some of the scalper problems we've been seeing.

Globally, Ring Fit should join the 10 million plus club eventually, if they provide enough stock for that to happen.

As far as Japan goes, the fact it's ahead of Animal Crossing on the charts is just insane.

Bet with Liquidlaser: I say PS5 and Xbox Series will sell more than 56 million combined by the end of 2023.

On Amazon Japan all the Switch SKUs just shot up the rankings all over the place. Keep in mind, this is the week that Super Mario 3D All Stars is supposed to come out - Which will be on Week 38 (2 more weeks from this one.) 

I think Week 37 will see a very noticeable spike in sales and then Week 38 is when it will just EXPLODE.

Yep, similar thing across some other retailers

Chris on Resetera posted Yodobashi, MrMax has also big shipments for lotteries this week. Ring Fit Adventure is being bundled with the Switch, this week Ring Fit might be over 100K sales.

Switch + Ring Fit Adventure - 1000
Switch - 1170
Switch Lite - 270
Ring Fit Adventure - 570

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Since we now have all the pieces:
Anyone up for this?

You can give total or post split and I will then calculate the total as well.

Info: First week is the Week of 2020.11.9 to 2020.11.15 for both consoles.
So PS5 first 4 days. XSXS first 6 days.

First month from launch until 2020.12.6 because the 30th of November is in that week.

[Prediction Event PS5 (XSXS) Launch]

[First Week:]

PS5 Total:


XSXS Total:

[First Month:]

PS5 Total:


XSXS Total:

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First Week:
PS5 - 215k
PS5 DE - 90k

PS5 Total - 305k

XSX - 14k
XSS - 8k

XSXS Total - 22k
First Month:
PS5 - 365k
PS5 DE - 140k

PS5 Total - 505k

XSX - 23.5k
XSS - 10k

XSXS Total - 33.5k

[First Week:]
PS5: 250k
PS5 DE: 85k

PS5 Total: 335k

XSX: 23k
XSS: 8k

XSXS Total: 31k

[First Month:]
PS5: 345k
PS5 DE: 120k

PS5 Total: 465k

XSX: 29k
XSS: 12k

XSXS Total: 41k

Not really sure about the ratios for PS4 DE and XSS, Japan usually likes their physical games a lot, but the lower price tag might still convince a bunch.

Major Switch Titles Launch Aligned

2021 predictions:

  • Switch - 27m
  • PS5 - 15.5m
  • Xbox Series - 10m

[First Week:]
PS5: 243k
PS5 DE: 46k

PS5 Total: 289k

XSX: 14k
XSS: 17k

XSXS Total: 31k

[First Month:]
PS5: 322k
PS5 DE: 94k

PS5 Total: 416k

XSX: 19k
XSS: 25k

XSXS Total: 44k

I have faith that the XSS will do better than the XSX due to it's cheaper price and the series in general be closer to 360 sales than ONE sales.

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PS5 expected to start of stronger than PS4 if the 2021 lineup is true:
Spiderman, Demons Souls, GT7, RE8, FF16.

SF6, KoF and another SE PS5 title are rumoured.

Project Athia is prob later.