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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Roket League won't need PS+/Switch Online, MS keeps the paywall

Yeah, so this day came. The FTP Rocket League release will be playable online without PS+ or a Switch Online subscription. For some reason, MS will still require people to pay for XBLG to have access to the title.

I wonder if there will be any uproar regarding the lack of fairness that MS shows, considering how they are lately the champions of the consumers. Maybe a couple of words from good old Phill, about how they put gamers first with their new approach to gaming?


EDIT: As I have not made it clear enough in the title (hence the confusion) this is a continuation of F2P practices on all 3 manufacturers' side. Just wanted to point this one out!

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Shows you the leverage that Rocket League has. Kind of impressive.

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Hasn't this always been the case for free to play games? On most things they are indeed free, on Xbox they aren't.

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Yeah, like Fortnite ou Warframe (unlike other platforms)

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This isnt just for rocket league right?
Sony and Nintendo keep free to play games, free to play online.

pay to play free to play games... they can probably make a catchy jingle out of that...

The Fury said:
Hasn't this always been the case for free to play games? On most things they are indeed free, on Xbox they aren't.

Yeah, but this is a pretty new experiment, as the game is going from a P2P to a F2P model, and it just contrasts the huge discrepancy between the 3 manufacturers approach. Now, I know we have seen this before, but Rocket League is in its league of its own (no pun intended).

As a pretty big name in gaming, so one could hope that there will be at least a PR spin for this. Considering how much noize some anti-consumer tendencies are making as of late (Epic vs. Apple vs. ABC) maybe it is time for a developer to properly speak up against this?

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Yeah weird that Xbox doesnt have the same treatment for free2play games.

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Not surprised. They are pretty much the EA of console makers, so...