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Do you agree with my statement?

Yes 11 34.38%
No 21 65.63%

But eh I enjoy cut-scenes when done right. As long is it doesn't intrude too much on the gameplay or break up too much of the action its fine. If you skip a story focused game cut-scene then you're missing out essential parts of the story, and clearly not invested in that part of it. In that case you're probably better off playing something else. I don't really replay games, though the ones I do have a good story (and most have cutscenes) to go with it.

If you play something from like Platinum Games which have trash stories then yeah maybe I could agree with you because the gameplay makes up for it.

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Not much to work with in the OP, but whatever.

Going all the way back to Mrs. Pac-Man, they've usually been something I've enjoyed. Old games like Karateka on C64, or NES games like Golgo 13, Ninja Gaiden....They were more of a rare occurrence back then, and as such, more special. Didn't even have to be a cut-scene. Megaman 2 for example had a cool "cinematic" intro and ending. And of course, there are levels to the practice. The frequency of cut-scenes, the length of cut-scenes, and the more subjective matter of quality. As mentioned above by @Quark, God of War is a game that is a beneficiary of great cinematics, that do nothing but complement the game as a whole. The conversations between characters during "down time", whether it be in the hub, rowing in the boat, or with the dwarves, only buoy the strong characterizations and narrative. All this conveyed with top-shelf voice acting and visuals. To strip all of that away and be left with some type of shallow, arcade boss-rush gauntlet? No thanks. I'm grateful to have the experience as it is.

I'll even drop Hotline Miami into the mix. It's about as pure of a gameplay experience as one could conceive of, but benefits from the backdrop of the dark, bizarre world the game takes place in.

I'm glad my tastes are eclectic. Trials Fusion. Worms....But games like Legacy Of Kain:Soul Reaver, Yakuza....They've given me so much beyond the onscreen manipulation of the characters. Intrigue, sadness, humor. I have doubt I'd care about the medium as much as I do if it hadn't evolved to incorporate elements that go beyond pure gameplay.

More power to you though.

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Don't play the Yakuza games then, I always try to follow the story but they can become a drag.

Hiku said:
Anonymous1796 said:

When I skip all the cutscenes in a videogame, and I don't enjoy the videogame. Then in my view it is not a good videogame.

The medium has evolved a lot since the term videogame was coined, so people shouldn't get too hung up on the term. Interactive entertainment may be a better description.

Some games are basically all story (some visual novels primarily). There are a lot of different experiences and takeaways from playing a game today, depending on the game. And I can say that I enjoyed my time with it even if I only liked the story and music, but not the gameplay.
But since the gameplay is usually a big part of the appeal, that's probably usually not the case.

Just my take: I don't consider the lone VN I've read ( Psycho Pass ) to be a game, as much as a choose your own adventure book in digital form. Really, even some of the choose your own adventure books I read as kid were more "game-like", with dice rolls incorporated into the experience. Pyscho Pass DID have a mini-game you could play, but it was entirely separate from the novel. 

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Very reductive way to view gaming as a whole, but whatever, to each their own.
Personally I enjoy them as I very much enjoy story driven games like TLOU or Uncharted, I enjoy them for their gameplay and I enjoy them for their story. The cutscenes are a good way to develop events, characters and push the story. I mean, I find this topic to be a bit weird tbh, cutscenes are normalized nowadays, as a whole modern games use them a lot in almost every genre and thats perfectly fine.

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I actually really enjoy cutscene heavy games, I tend to enjoy the story of a game more than its gameplay, which probably puts me in the minority, but oh well lol

If gameplay is at least not bad, if it is average, or servicable, but the cutscenes are outstanding, it could be an outstanding game to me. If gameplay is bad on the other hand, there can hardly be redemption. (Could be possible, but hardly.)

But OP seems open for discussion, if a cutscene is even part of a game. And there sure is an argument to made that it is not. It literaly cuts the game to present a scene. If it is not played, it is not a game.
But this is not true in my opinion. To me, a game is the whole package. A cutscene in a game is sure part of the game. You are not buying a game and a movie, but just a game. It does not have to be interactove 100 % of the time to be 100 % game.

Story telling is a major part of games.
Cutscenes can add to a game, so no I disagree.

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Bristow9091 said:
I actually really enjoy cutscene heavy games, I tend to enjoy the story of a game more than its gameplay, which probably puts me in the minority, but oh well lol

^ this, I veiw both as almost equally important.

I actually think its worse to play a game with good gameplay, but horribly uninteresting story.
Than the other way around. A game with bad gameplay, if the story is fantastic, you can muddle your way through.
(its harder to do it the otherway around)

I also tend to dislike games without much story in them (there are exceptions though).
To me atleast, videogames are about story telling. Its you, playing a part in a story.

Anonymous1796 said:

Good (old) video about it:

When I (can hopefully) skip all the cutscenes in a videogame, and I don't enjoy the videogame. Then in my view it is not a good videogame.

The word videogame has two parts. Video and game. You're focused on a single part of the word, and dismissing what the other part can bring. It's not for everyone, but so is any other kind of game out there.

Couldn't fully watch the video. But I checked his channel videos enough to know the guy loves to hear himself talk too much and is full of himself, and the comment section below it is a typical echo-chamber.

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