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They were up by more than 10 in Game 1, then they trailed by as 26 at the end of the 3rd and ended up losing by 18.

AD and LeBron are going to kick it to another gear, the short-handed Heat will run out of gas, and it'll be a commanding 3-0 lead for the Lakers.

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Series is suddenly more interesting

Proud of Miami for at least getting one. Jimmy played a hell of a game.

I stand corrected.

PAOerfulone said:
I stand corrected.

I'm going to ask you to not add the results of games in the title until... I'd say about 12 hours after the game.

Some people may be watching the game on a delay, or maybe live in another timezone/country and are going to view it in the morning and later.

Of course, feel free to discuss it all you want in the actual thread. If someone gets spoiled that way, it's on them. But in the topic title, that's harder to avoid, so I think it's best not to put it in there.

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Glad the Heat at least got one win. Now a finals upset would be tremendous.

Very scary game for Lakers, colliding with each other.

LeBron and Butler looked like Magic and Bird out there with the blows they were trading back and forth.

The Heat showed real heart and grit for not just rolling over and giving the Lakers the chip. They're making them earn it.

And AD got hurt, that could be a big question mark for Game 6.

Jimmy is a bad dude. Gotta love the heart.

Everyone knows LeBron is who he is, but I honestly didn't know before these playoffs that Jimmy is capable of the types of games he's pulling out when it's all on the line. Respect. The Lakers will still win the series of course, but I'm proud of the Heat for fighting all the way to the end.

NightlyPoe said:
Felt like the Lakers wasted a Lebron masterpiece with some poor shooting. They missed an awful lot of open looks.

Green's going to be haunted by that last miss for the rest of his life I think.

Only way Green is going to be haunted by that for more than a few days is if the Lakers somehow end up losing this series.