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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Apple removes Fortnite from app store, cant connect to servers. Epic Games Sues.

what the hell was epic thinking? or maybe they weren't :P

    R.I.P Mr Iwata :'(

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This must be an incredibly difficult time for Gamers™. They have to decide if they hate Apple or Epic more AND they have to care about mobile games and Fortnite. Poor guys.

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RolStoppable said:
Apple has enough money to afford good lawyers and win a reasonable case for them.

I was waiting for the double whammy of, Apple and Epic have lost me as a customer.

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twintail said:
kirby007 said:

but they dont sue for money??? they sue for being forced to use apple storefront ( and if you aint on the IOS platform you miss out on a "free" part of the market )

They just don't want to pay 30%. It's that simple.

Do you not recall that Fortnite android originally didn't launch through the Google store? And it completely bombed. Once they moved to the Google store their numbers and revenue skyrocketed. 

What are the odds of a confidential settlement where Epic gets a discount .

Research shows Video games  help make you smarter, so why am I an idiot

Chazore said:
shikamaru317 said:

I must say Epic seems to be playing this whole thing smart, at least in the long term. The game being removed from the Google and Apple store may actually work in their favor long term, now all the teens and young adults who are angry about being locked out of the game, and the parents of kids who are whining their parents heads off because they are locked out of the game, will flood social media, running a free smear campaign against Google and Apple for Epic. It might be enough to get Google and Apple to lower the percentage on their cut or make other policy changes just to avoid the negative publicity from the social media smear campaign, without this thing ever going to court. Of course, it could also blow up in Epic's face totally, Google and Apple might not back down to the social media mob, and Epic will lose out on months worth of Fortnite mobile revenue and lose their court case as well and have to pay the legal fees.

It's not really smart, it's one guy trying to use his company to actively defame other companies and abusing the public in a way of fooling them into fighting on his behalf. It's absolutely asinine to see something of this level, even with court proceedings going on, and he had this planned before this second case, because he likely knew the outcome and he still went for it.

There should be rules to goading consumers into fighting your own fucking petty wars. he shouldn't be able to dictate the whole fucking tech industries standards, so he can circumvent them and abuse things to his end, that's not how this should work. I know damn well this man is a slimy lying stain on humanity, because the moment everyone lowers their cut and adhere's to his demands, it becomes a moment where he's in control and then he'll raise whenever he wants. I've seen this shit being played throughout history. Try to appeal to the crowd as the underdog, score a few wins, fool the crowd and before you know it you're the one running the show, but not for the good of the people, but for oneself.

If anything, Apple and Google should sue Epic for defamation, and I would strongly urge the courts to make a new law for this sort of tactic, because it should be illegal for a corp to goad it's customers into fighting bullshit wars. The only time we should give a shit, is when X store closes down and they have no backup plan for our products or warranties/money invested, not some shitty smear campaign so X company can get a lower cut, use networks and services entirely for free, and then topple the competition swiftly.

If this entirely works in Epic's favour, then this world be damned, plain and simple. It's a shitty, disgusting tactic and anyone using it should honestly be put in the loony bin, or behind bars at the very least. (I've extremely low tolerance to that kind of tactic, because it's the scummiest shit, akin to Victorian era dismantle tactics)

Epic is abusing Fortnite popularity to help them fight apple and google, because what they want it’s higher profit that is why their mega drop still makes them more money if they cut the middle man. And as I recall MS, PS, and NS take 30% cut from developers. Their hypocrisy shows after they relied on apple to help them distribute the game because of their reach. 

A company that sells at $20 dollars a skin, doesn’t deserve people defending them, they are a really profitable company and they can afford to pay the cut, because as I recall even if you only have a Fortnite account on an apple device, you could go to epic to buy the v-bucks and cut the middleman.

if they are paying 30% to apple it’s so they can’t hack accounts, like it has happened to them. 

Does anyone knows how much epic gives to the contributors that make the skins?

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So Epic is suing Apple for their monopolistic business model. It's like the pot calling the kettle black.

You know it deserves the GOTY.

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Chazore said:
Captain_Yuri said:
Google is like, ya know what. I also want that 30%

They already tried to take a stab at Google, but they never took them on with a court case like this. Some are suggesting they should have taken Google on this way first, with a possible win making it easier to then take on Apple, but imo, they would have lost regardless.

Their case is stronger against apple.

On adroid phones, they get to try be their own storefront now (ei, not be on google store) and have to be installed as their own thing.
On iphones, there is no other option, effectively killing their ability to compete.

If they cant win against apple, they sure as hell cant win against google.

Ka-pi96 said:
vivster said:
The world is so fucked up that it needed Epic to fight for consumer rights. Of course, just like with their own store, their motives are 100% selfish and capitalist driven but if something good comes out of it I have to root for them.

The free market has proven time and time again that it cannot be trusted and that monopolies and oligopolies will always reach a point where they are becoming really bad for consumers if left unchecked. So fuck the free market.

What's this got to do with consumer rights?

Sounds to me like they're just fighting to keep all the money, which doesn't help consumers in the slightest.

You can fight for consumer rights, for all the wrong reasons (to make more money).
If this forces apple to allow 3rd party installs (either a work around, their own store, like android has) or allow competing storefronts, in the end, it ll be good for the consumer.

Epic doesn't care about consumer rights, they just don't want to pay royalties.

Ka-pi96 said:
JRPGfan said:

You can fight for consumer rights, for all the wrong reasons (to make more money).
If this forces apple to allow 3rd party installs (either a work around, their own store, like android has) or allow competing storefronts, in the end, it ll be good for the consumer.

Even if something that benefits consumers is the result of this, they still definitely aren't fighting for consumer rights. That would just be a side effect, it's not what they're fighting for.

Also FYI, when you want to further explain a point it's ie not ei.

Yes they are, thats how they argue their case.
Its how they are sueing.  As a fight for consumer rights.

The motive, is that its to make them more money, but they are fighting for rights.
Oh, thanks for the ie and not ei, I've been useing that incorrectly forever then.

forest-spirit said:
Epic doesn't care about consumer rights, they just don't want to pay royalties.

Everyone knows this.
Its actually about makeing money, and neither apple or epic care about consumer rights.
Never the less, the court case, is a fight for consumer rights, dispite whatever motives are behinde it.