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Ka-pi96 said:
vivster said:
The world is so fucked up that it needed Epic to fight for consumer rights. Of course, just like with their own store, their motives are 100% selfish and capitalist driven but if something good comes out of it I have to root for them.

The free market has proven time and time again that it cannot be trusted and that monopolies and oligopolies will always reach a point where they are becoming really bad for consumers if left unchecked. So fuck the free market.

What's this got to do with consumer rights?

Sounds to me like they're just fighting to keep all the money, which doesn't help consumers in the slightest.

You can fight for consumer rights, for all the wrong reasons (to make more money).
If this forces apple to allow 3rd party installs (either a work around, their own store, like android has) or allow competing storefronts, in the end, it ll be good for the consumer.