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Ka-pi96 said:
JRPGfan said:

You can fight for consumer rights, for all the wrong reasons (to make more money).
If this forces apple to allow 3rd party installs (either a work around, their own store, like android has) or allow competing storefronts, in the end, it ll be good for the consumer.

Even if something that benefits consumers is the result of this, they still definitely aren't fighting for consumer rights. That would just be a side effect, it's not what they're fighting for.

Also FYI, when you want to further explain a point it's ie not ei.

Yes they are, thats how they argue their case.
Its how they are sueing.  As a fight for consumer rights.

The motive, is that its to make them more money, but they are fighting for rights.
Oh, thanks for the ie and not ei, I've been useing that incorrectly forever then.

forest-spirit said:
Epic doesn't care about consumer rights, they just don't want to pay royalties.

Everyone knows this.
Its actually about makeing money, and neither apple or epic care about consumer rights.
Never the less, the court case, is a fight for consumer rights, dispite whatever motives are behinde it.