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Forums - Politics Discussion - The New Cold War (US- China) Thread.


I am...

On the side of the US. 9 36.00%
On the side of China. 4 16.00%
Have no dog in the fight. 9 36.00%
Other, comments. 3 12.00%

I picked Other because I don't support China, but I am definitely against the US in their recent foreign policy. I don't know if it's a cold war so much as Trump just being his typical racist and/or moronic self. Those stupid tariffs of his have hurt the US WAAAAY more than any other country. The man is a sad joke of a leader at best, and at worst is actively bent on hurting others as much as possible.

The saddest thing is the US people actually voted for this pathetic orange clown.

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I dunno if this website is as great as you think.

If this topic discusses verifiable news and developments in the US-Chinese relationship, then fine. If it drifts into unsupported claims and conspiracies, then we'll probably lock it. If it becomes about fearmongering, demonizing people based on nationality, etc, then appropriate actions will be taken.

Edit: Minor change to title. Official threads are put up by mods/admins/site staff and such or with their approval. Not that you need their approval to make a thread, just to make it official. 

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isn't it just trump?

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An "official" thread in the "politics" section about a fictional event?

J2290...I agree with you....Thus, it is absolutely imperative that the G7+ nations boycott the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing.

This will send a powerful message to the CCP.

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Funny how people think this is fictional. If you are an American and you honestly think this, the subversion was really a complete success.

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The term Cold War was stupid back then and it is still now. It always has been and always will be diplomacy and foreign politics. Calling it a "War" is antithetical to what anyone wants to try and achieve.

All I see are some giant babies talking about things they don't understand.

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china hasn;t got a chance in hell against the usa and it's allies.

I am Have no dog in the fight.

This is all just Trump trying to look tough. It’ll all be done once Trump gets bonjoured out of office.

No one will do anything to hurt China enough to change their ways. China is easily defeated economically, but that would mean that the super rich will lose a few cents, so it won't happen.

Anyway, I hope that both China and the US collapse so that something good can grow from their ruins.

If you demand respect or gratitude for your volunteer work, you're doing volunteering wrong.