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Forums - General Discussion - What is/was your favorite subject in school?

Chemistry and Math. I also liked English class a lot. This was mainly because I am from a Spanish-speaking country but my school was International, so English teaching was quite good and pretty intensive, classes were discussion-oriented and teachers were from the US.

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English Literature was probably my best subject, so I enjoyed that a lot. Chemistry, Biology and History were interesting. PE (physical education) was always nice for a bit of a break... football, basketball, tennis, table tennis, trampolining... can't complain about that. Even stuff I wasn't into like cricket or rugby I found quite enjoyable.

By the end, probably Geography, I ended up finding it lots of fun and interesting, plus instead of my grades going down with it, they went up which helped.

Hmm, pie.

Architecture design
Computer classes

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I liked most of subjects, wasn't really picky

Loved History, mostly self-instructed though as I didn't experienced many good teachers

I found myself particularly very good with maths, always made sense to me and I am still surprised til this day about how BAD are people here with maths lol

Also liked geography, specially human studies

I wasn't good with language subjects. Portuguese grammar was hard as hell, but I was surprisingly good. When it comes to text reading and text production though, I was pretty bad

Disastrous with english too, only learned after going to college

Edit: Something that I hated was computing classes. I always found them lazy, slow, outdated and uninteresting. The funny thing is I took a major as software engineering to finally LEARN how the fuck computing truly works. Still unfortunate we don't have proper computer classes in high school though, computing undergraduate is particularly painful for newcomers and school dropout could be minimized if we learned the basics of programming in high school

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Never had a favourite. Did have subjects I liked a bit more on certain days, but no, no favourites  

If you require alcohol to have fun, then you have a problem

Math was nice.

drama class coz i was pretty good at it my teacher said! XD

I iiked all of them a lot, except for maybe Phys Ed.  (I wish I liked Phys Ed, but I just don't.)  I liked Math just a little better than the other subjects, but that was only because it tended to be harder.  What I really like is studying a lot of subjects at once.  Whenever I just focus on one subject for a good amount of time, then I tend to lose interest.

Chemistry (and later it's subdivisions Mineral Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Synthetics and Physics of Chemistry). I did not choose to go for a chemistry degree for nothing, after all.

(World) History: My actual favorite subject, but it was a dead-end for me career-wise. I was so well versed in it that I sometimes corrected my teacher (she often doublechecked and during the next lesson, she always declared me correct) and when her chalk allergy flamed up, she straight out told me what she intended to teach and let me do it instead. Having been bullied a lot during that time, I got some sweet revenge out of it, too...

CoMoCo: Stands for Connaissance du Monde Contemporain (knowledge of the modern world), which is basically present history and geopolitics rolled into one. It's where we started to learn about world politics, trade agreements, international agreements, how the EU worked (it's somewhat different now) and the like.

Civic education: Where you learned your rights and duties as a citizen of Luxembourg, including the processes for applications and the reasons why behind them.

Geography: Especially the Geology part of our world geography education. Still have my mineral collection somewhere...

So yeah, science and politics, basically.

Edit: Also loved Religion in a way. It was for me an additional hour of sleep per week. In the front desk, no less! (You couldn't fail school due to religion, so I didn't care much)

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