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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Should a $300 Lockhart be counted alongside Series X in marketshare tallies?


Should a $300 Lockhart be counted alongside Series X in marketshare tallies?

Yes, same console different SKUs 62 88.57%
No, the power/price difference is too much. 7 10.00%
Other 1 1.43%

Why not? It's the same console and will play the same games.


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Of course it should. It's just a different SKU.

Sony has the PS5 digital which will cost less than the Ps5 physical. Does that mean we should separate that too? Nonsense...


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No but I also dont believe it is going to be $299. $399 will be my guess.

Angelv577 said:
No but I also dont believe it is going to be $299. $399 will be my guess.

No way it's $400. The specs on it are way too low for them to aim for that high of a price. It's GPU has about 1/3rd the power of it's big brother, which means the SoC will be much smaller, greatly reducing silicon costs. It also has I believe 4 GB less RAM according to leaks. No disc-drive, which takes about another $15 off the price tag. The case is reportedly about 60% the size of the Series X case, reducing costs for the plastics of the case. They can use a smaller and cheaper fan and heatsink to cool it since the SoC produces much less heat due to the weaker GPU. They can use a smaller, cheaper power supply since the GPU will be using less power. They can use a standard motherboard on it, which is cheaper than the split motherboard they are using in Series X for better cooling. And of course because it is digital only, MS can afford to sell it at a loss if need be, because they can make that money back with the higher profit margins on digital game sales or with Gold and Gamepass subs.

I'd say the absolute highest we will see on Series S is $350, but if digital PS5 comes in at any price lower than $500, then MS will probably go with $300 or maybe even $250 on Series S (we had a rumor today that they may release a controller-less SKU for $250 for those who already have an Xbox One controller at home).

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Why wouldn't it be counted? It's just a cheaper SKU of the Series X.

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Cerebralbore101 said:
Conina said:

If it wasn't a problem to count 3DS/3DSXL/new3DS/new3DSXL together, PS4 and PS4 Pro together, Xbox 360 Core/Arcade/Premium/Elite together, Xbox One S + X together, Switch and Switch lite together... why should it suddenly be a problem?

All the 3DS models have pretty much the same graphics. 

Pro and X were both released as upgrades years later. Lockhart is a downgrade at launch, so that's an important difference. 

The 360 models only had the difference of harddrive space, not a power difference. 

Switch and Switch Lite are around the same power level. 

All the goal post shifting without a clear direction.

So is the price difference the important point? The performance difference? The launch date of different SKUs? A different library of games?

Why is it okay to put together SKUs with different performance when they are years apart but not when they are released at the same time? That doesn't make sense at all.

The new 3DS doubled the ARM cores AND shifted the clock speed upwards from 268MHz to 804MHz... there was a huge performance difference, much larger than the difference Lockhart and Series X will proably have. it also had games the older 3DS and 2DS couldn't play at all. But it is totally okay to count them together?

Lockhart will probably play all the Series X games and most of them with similar performance... main difference will be the resolution. So should we count PS4 Pros separately depending on the TV they are connected to? These PS4 games will look different on a 720p TV, 1080p TV and 4K TV, won't they?

Of course. Its the exact same with the XSX just a weaker version and likely also with no disk drive.

And if the XSS is $299, there is no way the dis free version of the PS5 isn't going to be $399. Not $499, that may be the disc-based SKU.

That is the perfect pricing scenario that sony will be hoping for. Having a console in the middle of both Xbox consoles just makes the PS5 have more perceived value.

Why would it be counted differently?
The GB and GBC were counted together.
DS and DSi
PS4 and PS4 Pro
Xbox One and Xbox One X
3DS and New 3DS

They're the same system just updated specs and capabilities.

Alright I give. It should count.

Cerebralbore101 said:
Shaunodon said:

So why do specs suddenly matter now?

Both your title and OP completely phrased the issue around pricing, stating 'Sony doesn't have a $300 sku', and conveniently ignoring their digital-only system that's already been confirmed, and likely to be $100 cheaper.

So is the magic number $200 less than your competitor? Is that when it becomes unfair, or not equivalent anymore?

As far as we know, Series S or 'Lockhart' will play all the same games as Series X, with the exact same architecture. So outside of some performance sacrifices, it's the same system.

Regardless if it meets your requirements, as long as it helps sell more Xbox systems it'll be a gain for Microsoft.

It never even crossed my mind that someone might somehow consider the diskless PS5 to be comparable to the Lockhart. It's like someone telling me they drive a four wheeled vehicle, and then pulling up with a motorcycle and a sidecar. Technically four wheels, but not what I had in my head. Had I anticipated such a weird response, I definitely would have phrased things differently. 

You do realise that nearly all sidecars are one wheel