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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Why are Nintendo games selling better than they ever on the Switch?

What do you guys think?

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Attractive Hardware, that’s literally it!

edit: to be more clear, hybrid model that just works for everyone casual/hardcore gamers alike.

Everyone wants games that they can play their way and NSW is just that minus the extra pretty graphics

tbone51 said:

Attractive Hardware, that’s literally it!

edit: to be more clear, hybrid model that just works for everyone casual/hardcore gamers alike.

Everyone wants games that they can play their way and NSW is just that minus the extra pretty graphics

It's not just that. I mean, the Switch being a great hardware is a big factor, but it's not the only one.

Great marketing, one that understands it's public and it's effective with it's messaging.

While not exactly a concenssus, most Nintendo IPs are getting it's best reviewed entries, or the best one in decades, on the Switch.

Dammed demand of Nintendo games. Wii U was a failure and many wouldn't want to touch it even with a 10 m stick, and the Wii didn't exactly satiate the demand for more "hardcore" games from Nintendo(The nostalgia of games from the NES, Super Nintendo, 64 and Gamecube to some extend)

And the momentum created by that first year. I think people keep underestimating the avalanche that was BOTW + MK 8 + Splatoon + Mario Rabbids + Mario Odyssey + XC 2, and the smaller Nintendo games and indies.

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It's because instead of splitting the audience between a handheld and a console, fans of both can enjoy the software.

Prices for retail games have not got cheaper over the years, so a free market will put its money towards trusted names. Video games are a medium that isn't cheap enough to take gambles often. Nintendo is the most trusted game publisher for good reasons.

Since the latter half of the 2000s there has been a general trend of the middle falling away. Nowadays you have AAA publishers, then a lot of mostly nothing and lastly, small publishers. The overall number of retail releases has decreased over the years, so the heavily advertised games on all consoles can rake in more sales because the amount of visible competition has been getting smaller over time. That is, as long as the installed base of a console isn't an obstacle and limits how much games can sell. The Wii U is an obvious example of a console that held all the games back, but Switch doesn't suffer from a problem like that.

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I think that there was a lot of built up pressure with the WiiU, many people who bought a Nintendo console the generation prior skipped on the WiiU. When the Switch proved to be an excellent piece of hardware backed with a strong software library, many people expected to buy a Nintendo home console flocked back both in the core audience and in the mainstream. Couple that to the fact that the Switch inherits from both the home console audience and the portable Nintendo audience (which sold 75M pieces of hardware last gen), it explains what happened.

Part of it is just super popular hardware that will outsell every home Nintendo home system ever made. Handheld systems normally have a low software attach rate compared to home systems, probably cuz lots of people treat handhelds just as secondary systems to play on vacation or occasionally on the go. I know that's how we treated Game Boy growing up, would basically get a new game or two for summer before a family vacation. Switch, though it is actually a portable, due to its hybrid nature is considered a home system so has high software attach rates. Combine this with the fact that it will end up being the best selling Nintendo home system ever, and since it is about to pass the NES, only the Wii sold better so far, but the Wii had tons of systems sold to casual gamers who didn't pick up the big Nintendo IPs, instead they played Wii Sports, Just Dance, Wii Play, Wii Fit, Mario Kart which is why those games had monster sales while Galaxy, Zelda, Smash, etc didn't have Switch-like numbers.

And part of it is the fact that with Nintendo has been completely hitting it out of the park with their new games. Sure they have a lot of ports, and obviously Mario Kart is a much loved port, but BotW, Odyssey, Smash, AC all have been accepted extremely well, which creates fantastic word of mouth for people to go pick up other Nintendo games as well.

When you add home console attach rates, the fact that Switch is about to already be the second best selling home system from Nintendo ever, Switch targeting gamers not non-gamers like the Wii, fantastic word of mouth about Nintendo games, and absolutely stellar versions of the numerous main Nintendo IP, you get mega sales.

Basically Nintendo is THE hot company in gaming since the Switch came out and they are pumping out incredible first party games on the fastest selling system of all time outside of the DS and Wii.

There are a variety of reasons. A lot pertaining to the hardware selling extremely well and the games being among the best (if not the best) of their respective series.
Though there are some debatable exceptions like Kirby Star Allies, Pokemon, Yoshi's Crafted World, etc., they have all sold respectively well anyway since they're still good games.

Nintendo has great brand recognition that is helping them. But most of it has to do with great marketing from Nintendo, targeting multiple audiences instead of just kids (Wii U big problem), very popular hardware, social media, and a little bit of weak offerings from its competitors (Sony and Microsoft).


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The Nintendo fanbase is older and the Switch is appealling to adults.

The majority of Nintendo's fans are 18+ now, even something like Pokemon which is supposed to be a "kids IP" ... I would venture a bet that the majority of people buying the franchise these days are 16-30+ years old, not 6-14 years old.

Time is not a static property. A person who was 8 years old and got a DS for Christmas 2008 and became a Nintendo fan is today 20 years old, that's happened over and over and over again that now the adults outnumber the kids.

Older people tend to have their own jobs and their own disposable income, they don't need to wait for mommy/daddy to buy them a game or system for their birthday/Christmas. An older fanbase simply buys more games and has more disposable income.