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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Rushed Video Game Platform Launches

I remember using my launch PS2 more as DVD player than for games for the first few months. (Thank God for Tekken Tag Tournament though).

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Cerebralbore101 said:
The_Liquid_Laser said:

Do you have the issues of Nintendo Power around 89-90?  They had been talking about "Zelda 3" for years before it was actually released.  You can also compare the Wikipedia pages between Mario World and ALttP and see several of the same key people working on both games: Takahashi Tezuka, Shigeru Miyamoto, Toshihiko Nagako.

EDIT: Actually found this quote in the wikipedia page for ALttP, "In 1988, development of a new NES Zelda began, but one year later, the project was brought to Nintendo's next console; the Super Famicom in Japan, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in other regions."

Do you know the exact Nintendo Power issues? Wikipedia's sources on the issue either lead to dead webpages, or don't exist anymore.

The earliest reference I can find is a Super Famicom feature in issue 16, p.86 which mentions that the Super Famicom will have a new Zelda game.  That is the Sept/Oct 1990 issue.  (This link has the page, but the ads are NSFW.)

Here is a video that says they were working on Super Mario World and LttP at the same time.

Here is an article that says they were working on both games at the same time.

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I've never bought a video game console at launch, as the first few months of one is almost always brutal in terms of having very few worthwhile games.

If I'd bought a Switch at launch I wouldn't have had anything to play for over four months til Splatoon 2 came out. I ended up waiting til October so I could get it with both that and Mario Odyssey, with Doom and Xenoblade 2 just around the corner.

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