Forums - Gaming Discussion - How satisfied are you with the graphics of the games of the current generation?

How tolerant are you with the possibility of graphic stagnation?

Intolerant. Wouldn't buy ... 8 13.33%
Tolerant, but very unsati... 5 8.33%
Tolerant. Would support i... 26 43.33%
Very Tolerant, don't care... 21 35.00%
IcaroRibeiro said:
Wman1996 said:

I really wish Animal Crossing: New Horizons were 60 FPS. 

LOL I wish it at least run at 30 FPS. I'm suffering from strong framerate drop for a while now. I know my island is cluttered but I find this leg unacceptable for a game like this

What leg?

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I always support graphical evolution but these dev times are getting long, Pick a great art style like GoT, add in enough technical stuff to make you go wow and don't shove a days work into making an optional building the player might not even go into like in TLOU2, there must have been years of work from dozens of people in that game that I just outright ignored cause I was following item pickup and wasn't even taking notice. That is not an good use of time and resources and if we could cut off a year of the first party dev cycles to just bring things down a small bit, say GoT level over TLOU2 levels, I'd be more than happy. I'm not asking for a breath of the wild type art style to solve the problem but there has to be a middle ground to make games as polished as Nintendo but with more technically impressive graphics.

I see a lot of talk about Ai taking over the man power for years now but I've not seen it come to fruition, perhaps this gen we will see that and combined with just a tad shorter graphical goals we will see a return to a two or three year dev cycle without the sacrifices that Ubisoft make in quality and TLC.


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I am at the point where I kind of wish the graphics would get worse.  Too much money is spent toward graphics.  All they do is improve the resolution and then I play the game and I'm still bored.  The budgets of these games are so high, that companies don't want to risk making a new type of game.  I am tired of pretty games.  I want novel and experimental games.  

On the other end of the spectrum we have indie titles which are definitely more novel and experimental, but their budgets tend to be too low.  It's like I get to choose.  Do I play a predictable but pretty game with a $50m budget or a basic but experimental game with a $500k budget.  I tend to wish there were a lot more experimental games with a $5m budget.  Dear AAA developer, please cancel your $50m sequel game and make 10 experimental games with a $5m budget instead. 

I really don't need graphics to be cutting edge.  Different visuals are often better than cutting edge.  Cuphead is different and is the type of game where I get excited about the visuals.  But games that simply improve the resolution and other technical aspects tend to be pretty boring.  I'd rather the money be spent on better design instead of better graphics.

Artistry matters more than graphics. That said, if companies are expecting me to pay $500+ for new hardware, they need to justify that cost somehow.

We're easily past that point where I can easily pretty much any style devs want to give us since we do have the technical machinery to achieve it.

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Im fine with graphics as they are... however, if thats the case, then theres no need for new hardware.
If games arnt getting better looking, you arn't getting me to buy new hardware.

mZuzek said:
IcaroRibeiro said:

LOL I wish it at least run at 30 FPS. I'm suffering from strong framerate drop for a while now. I know my island is cluttered but I find this leg unacceptable for a game like this

What leg?

I meant lag*

Furniture (and other items) aren't rendered at the same time the camera is moving, so some items suddenly "appear" or "disappear" on the screen. I recorded this happening here:

You can already notice some framerate drops here and there, but trust me, it's far worse when I'm playing online multiplayer

I'm quite happy with the level of graphics provided by the Switch.

To me, games like Mario Odyssey and Luigi's Mansion 3 look beautiful. Hell, I still regularly fire up my older platforms and still find the graphics in many PS3, 360, even Wii games to be quite pleasing.

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Graphics are going to make a gigantic leap in the next decade and it will require magnitudes more of processing power to achieve it. So no, I'd not be fine to be deprived of huge progress because some people have lower standards.

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Very satisfied. I still play games like the old Half Life and newer retro styled games like Ion Fury. Today games have hit a level where it now doesn't bother me how good they look because i still find games like Zelda Twilight Princess and it still looks good.

I just revisited and finished Splatoon 2 on Switch, and that game still amazes me on how good it looks and plays.

It also helps if the games are well designed in the gameplay and story departments as that never ages where as visuals will continue to degrade as years go on. Modern gamers should be very lucky they have hardware that can render visuals so well however it shouldn't be the defining factor of a purchase.