Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Switch menu: white or grey?

I prefer...

White 6 14.29%
Grey 36 85.71%

I like Gray better.

Anyone who picks white is going on my User Ignore List. Your opinion will no longer matter to me.

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This thread made me realize the Switch still doesn't have themes.

Metallox said:
mZuzek said:

You're probably evil

I am. 

But the white theme makes the menu look like a bunch of letters on a sheet of paper. Not a lot to it, certainly not enough for it to be horrendous. 

Man, you can barely read the text on that thing. Bright font on a white background is a no-no for me. Besides, I really don't like how the lower icons are an even brighter white, if they were more of a light grey color it'd be a step in the right direction.

It just looks wrong. It looks like the whole OS was designed for the dark theme, and they just slapped a light theme afterward. Which is funny, because it probably went the other way around.

Grey theme looks waaay better.


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Black (Gray). I almost exclusively play my Switch late at night. The white background was the first thing I changed.

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Pretty much black to me in my book. I stuck with white because I don't give a shit too much cause I'm barely on the menu select.  I switched it once and didn't like the dark theme.  They could put out some custom home screens like they did with 3DS.  Not sure why they haven't.

Lonely_Dolphin said:
This thread made me realize the Switch still doesn't have themes.

It's crazy that they still haven't. There's even a whole section of system settings dedicated to themes, up to this day still featuring only the basic white and black ones. It's so weird. Feels like they planned on making themes a big deal, but just never got around to actually doing it - to be fair, a lot of things about the Switch feel that way.

Grey/dark Mode.

Its just better, I use a Dark Mode or grey style on every device or software that allows it; from my Switch to my Mac to my iPhone to VGC to programs such as AutoCAD. Light themes are just tiring to the eye, they’re much too bright. This isn’t new, I used to even set my Windows XP to the grey theme instead of the blue, even though that wasn’t really a Dark Mode. In most cases the dark color schemes also look much better, as an added bonus.

White is blinding. I went with grey and never looked back. It just looks so much smoother IMO.

Having said that, I would rather have themed backgrounds. The 3DS had them, so what the hell Nintendo?

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Uh, I haven't tried changing it to grey but seeing that pic I think I'd prefer it grey.