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Forums - Movies Discussion - Quentin Tarantino's best film?


I think the best is...

Reservoir Dogs 4 9.76%
Pulp Fiction 13 31.71%
Jackie Brown 4 9.76%
Kill Bill Vol.1 6 14.63%
Kill Bill Vol.2 0 0%
Death Proof 0 0%
Inglorious Basterds 9 21.95%
Django Unchained 2 4.88%
The Hateful Eight 1 2.44%
Once Upon a Time in Hollywood 2 4.88%

From Dusk Til Dawn!!!!!

Kidding, I'm familiar with his old stuff, but have yet to watch Kill Bill or anything after. I've seen parts, I REALLY liked what I saw of Django unchained - it was a clip playing a remix of Tupac's Untouchable and lots of violence.

I have to admit, I'm one of the maybe nine people who don't really enjoy Pulp Fiction. I don't hate it, but it's one of those films that I seem to like half as much each time I watch it... except for the Uma Thurman scenes.

At this point I say Jackie Brown, by far. But that might change on watching later films.

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curl-6 said:

Jackie Brown for me.

Of all his film's, I feel it has the most depth and best characterization. It doesn't get as much love and attention as most of the rest as it's more subtle in its presentation, but I really feel it's an overlooked gem.

Second place goes to Pulp Fiction, third to Reservoir Dogs, and 4th to Inglorious Basterds, all superb movies.

Jackie Brown is the only one I couldn't watch in a single sitting. I got so bored, I looked at how much there was left of it and when I saw I'd barely gone over the halfway point of the movie I went straight to bed and watched the rest of it the other day. That movie felt endless... to be fair, a lot of Tarantino's films feel longer than they are, but Jackie Brown was on a whole other level for me personally.

Reservoir Dogs was another one that felt like it took forever for me, despite being his shortest.

Then again, I did say I only like 3 of his movies, the other ones really did bore me a lot, with maybe the exception of Kill Bill Vol. 1. That one was almost enjoyable. Didn't like the second one at all though. For the record, the 3 movies I like are Pulp Fiction, Django Unchained and Inglourious Basterds, the latter one being the only Tarantino movie I watched multiple times.

Jackie Brown obviously.

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Such a hard question, but I am going with Pulp Fiction. I loved once upon a time in hollywood as well, but Pulp Fiction edges it out.

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Pulp Fiction is his best movie, Jackie Brown my most favorite of his movies.

Samuel L. should have won the Oscar for Pulp, Pam Grier and Robert Foster for Jackie.

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Kinda surprised OUATIH doesn't have more votes than it does. Excellent film from start to finish.

But I'll go with Pulp Fiction.

I actually dislike all his movies. If I had to pick one that I dislike the least, it would probably be inglorious basterds.

okr said:
Pulp Fiction is his best movie, Jackie Brown my most favorite of his movies.

Samuel L. should have won the Oscar for Pulp, Pam Grier and Robert Foster for Jackie.

I completely forgot that Robert Forster was in Jackie Brown (only seen it once).  I'm really glad that he got to do (and see) El Camino right before he passed away.

Personally, I found Once Upon a Time in Hollywood really boring.

Yeah, I get that the point was to capture a certain time, place and people, but overall it's his only film that just couldn't hold my interest.

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