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Gonna be intresting to see how it scores.


Game makes you go "nice grass":

and  "Beautifull sunset" :

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Youtube titles for reviews look promising so far. Will check back in a few hours time when embargoes lift.

I am so excited! Got the deluxe edition on pre-order with the steelbook and all that! Might not play it till the Ps5 comes out, though.

I got it all, baby! 

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I believe the embargo lifted 1 minute ago....

9 from IGN
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Currently 84 with 48 reviews very close to my prediction

Awwww so close!!! I predicted 85

Hope it goes up 1 more point and stays there lol

lol I was way off. A bit worried that so many seem to compare it to Assassins Creed tbh.

85 on Open Critic with 28 reviews. I'm guessing it will settle around 84-85.

Looks like a very solid game from the reviews I've seen of it so far, on YT.

Update: Still 85 on OC with 79 reviews.

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