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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Recommend good JRPGS for Switch.

Grandia HD Collection and Octopath Traveler are both decent games.

Other jrpgs I can think of you've probably already played in a different system. 

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From what I've played (not Fire Emblem or Xenoblade- but all entries on Switch so far are a must):

Shining Resonance Refrain

Octopath Traveller

Tokyo Mirage Sessions

Valkyria Chronicles 4

Y's 8

Battle Chasers: Nightwar


Fire Emblem Three Houses and Dragon Quest XI S are the best games on the Switch, not just the best JRPGs. Go for DQ next if you've already played 3H.

Final Fantasy 7, 8, and X, Romancing Saga 2, Xenblade Chronicles, Grandia HD Collection, Dragon Quest 11,

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Fire Emblem is very awesome

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I recommand it to everyone here in VGCHARTZ

Honestly, if uve played xeno 2, the short answers no. Octopath is the last of us2 of rpgs. Great gameplay, questionable story quality. Everything else is available on other systems.