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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - To prepare for Infinite, I am playing through the entire Halo franchise (FINISHED)

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d21lewis said:
LudicrousSpeed said:
Is Halo 4 generally considered a bad campaign? Because I am at five of ten missions played and it might be my favorite campaign of the series so far. The sounds are infinitely better, like every weapon has more pop and impact. The combat is much more entertaining because of the machine enemies you fight (Prometheans I guess, still not far enough along to know what they are) require way more tactics and have way cooler weapons than the aliens you fight. And the graphics are just so good... I am having a hard time understanding that this was a 360 game. Maybe it’s had big Scorpio enhancements?

You and I agree. I loved H4. Don't know why it gets the hate. And one of the best looking games of that entire generation. 

I feel a lot liked it upto the promethean's so I think the negatives I wouldn't call it hate, started with the promethean levels and lack of diversity now some like those levels but it turned out that a lot didn't at least halo 5 was consistent that was disliked from the beginning.

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Cool. I did it for metal gear solid series a few years ago before the release of MGSV

I always wanted to do it as Im a HUGE destiny fan that never had an xbox and never played halo. I always wanted to experience where destiny came from.
By november I will decide if I will get an XSX or a PC and either way I will definitely play at least from CE to Reach.

Halo 4 started off strong but from mid-point to the end the level and mission design just wasn't that great.
Had nothing to do with the Prometheans as enemies as they were pretty good. CoD-style boss fight was of course piss poor.

Also the game is really short with only 8 levels compared to other Halo games. Would put it at the very bottom of my Halo list.

I just read Prometheans are in Halo 5. Very pumped.

Idk why I forgot about Halo 5, guess it’s been too long but I had completed two missions so I should have known Prometheans were there, you fight them in level one. Also Buck from ODST, I was surprised to see Nathan Fillion in Halo but obviously he’s in Halo 5.

Beat the first two levels again. Not a fan of these weird looking cut scenes. The heads look bizarre and don’t animate well imho. Especially the Spartans.

Gameplay is great though! More awesome Promethean fights, now looking better than ever. I dig the extended sprint (is it infinite?) and the Spartan rush moves it ground pound whatever but it seems hit or miss whether the game lets me do one or just does a regular melee.

Is who the main enemy is that they keep referring to. Ukrunda Cabra.

Actually never mind it’s that Jul Madam guy you kill in mission one.

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Tried to do this for Kingdom hearts series before playing the third main entry,got bored of the entire franchise as a result :P

I have about four missions of Halo 5 left. Overall, not really feeling it as much as Halo 4. For starters, unless I missed it, the game still hasn't explained what a Guardian actually is. I had to Google it to find out what all of these massive machines Cortana was activating actually were. The story is really a step or two down from Halo 4. The whole squad based gameplay with revives and stuff is weird, too. Sometimes I accidentally outright murder Buck when I am in a vehicle and he gets in the way and I can't revive him but at the next checkpoint, he's back.

The core gameplay is still great though. Covenant are kind of a bore to fight after the Prometheans. They have a few cool new enemy types and amazing guns. Covenant have nothing.

Completed CE last week. Started Halo 2 today and made it half way through the 6th mission of 15. Hope to have it finished on Friday. Coop with my brother. The Arbiter roles have us confused when when we approach each other from different sides of the map and end up fighting each other for a bit before we realize we are killing each other. Good times. avoid getting banned for inactivity, I may have to resort to comments that are of a lower overall quality and or beneath my moral standards.

I am too. On Halo 1 now after beating Reach. Just finish the 343 level and forgot how much I hated getting completely lost in levels like that, where everything looks the same. So annoying lol.

Dulfite said:
I am too. On Halo 1 now after beating Reach. Just finish the 343 level and forgot how much I hated getting completely lost in levels like that, where everything looks the same. So annoying lol.

Yeah it sucks. Are you playing the MCC? I found it way easier to navigate those levels in the Anniversary graphics mode. Hell they even put arrows on the ceilings or walls IIRC to make it easier to navigate.