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Forums - Gaming Discussion - New Pokémon Snap ,is it a remake?


Classify New Pokémon Snap

Remake 0 0%
Remaster 0 0%
Re-Release 0 0%
Reimagining 3 9.68%
Sequel 28 90.32%

It's a new game.

And I don't even like Pokemon Snap

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It's "New" as the name says


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This seems like one of the weirdest games you could remake.

Remakes tend to be prioritized for specific games in a series because that specific game did something that people liked more than for a sequel.
There's only been one Pokemon Snap game. It's not like they know which locations people prefer, or keep making ones that people don't like as much, because they haven't tried any others.

They could throw in some classic locations for nostalgia but I don't see why they'd limit themselves to a remake in this scenario.

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Snesboy said:
It's a new game.

And I don't even like Pokemon Snap

I do not believe it is a remake myself. Too many major differences in terms of setting and Pokémon alone. That said, I am oddly excited about this game.

I have not the foggiest why as I was not as big a fan of the Original Pokémon Snap. This one though intrigues me a bit more. Cannot wait for new information to come.

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From the Pokemon company themselves: "an all-new adventure".

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curl-6 said:

From the Pokemon company themselves: "an all-new adventure".

Also "inspired by the classic Nintendo 64 game" should refer to the gameplay.

village boy learns to jump.

Isn't too obvious that we are talking about a sequel here ?

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I also don't get the question. The general idea is the same, ride a vehicle through the outdoors to take pics of Pokemon, but even from the 1 minute trailer it's pretty clearly a completely new game. The only scene that's the same is when Pikachu eats the apple, and that's because it's such an iconic moment. Everything else is new, from most of the Pokemon to the environment. There's also an emphasis on water areas which was no in the original game. Even the playable character is not the same character as in the original game. The develops and publishers are treating it as a sequel, and all the information we have shows it to be a sequel.

They could have made it clear if they just called it Pokémon Snap 2. By calling it new snap they make seem like the new 3ds which is small upgrade.