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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Prediction: PS5 is going to cost 599$ and it will be ok.


How much will the PS5 cost ?

More than 599$ 2 2.78%
599$ 17 23.61%
499$ 49 68.06%
399$ 2 2.78%
Less than 399$ 2 2.78%

If it does cost $599, I will probably delay my purchase. Since I am a PC gamer and a lot of the games shown are coming to PC and only like 1 or 2 actual exclusives will be available at launch, I don't have much reason to drop $599 for one or two games.

With that being said, if the Series X costs less, then it might be an interesting predicament for some people. We will see at the Series X event though which games will be coming to that platform at launch.


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They could pull of 600$ IMO but it would be foolish to price it at that, especially when the PS4 and Pro both started at 400. It will loose marketshare at that price. But if they price 600-500 with the disc and discless version, it could work.

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I actually think we might get $399/$499 entry points.

According to Bloomberg the PS5 BOM was $450. I could see Sony taking a slight loss at $499. With a $399 all digital model, the PS5 is in great position to undercut Lockhart, at least in terms of value proposition, while "transitioning" their userbase at a pace they've never seen before. Sony would eat bigger losses on their cheaper model in the short term to gain more from revenue from their customer in the long term. If someone purchases the all digital model than Sony cuts out the middleman and increases their cut in services and software.

Yeah its gonna be expensive. My original estimates were a low $449/£419 but looking at the console now it has to be at the very least £499/$550.

I wouldn't have an issue spending £550 on a new console but I can imagine it being a big turn off for a lot of people.

That's cool that some people are fine paying 600. I personally will not be paying that price for a video game console. I will happily wait to buy one if they end up launching at 599.

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I want both but no way am I paying 600 for a ps5 or any console . If you guys really think the general consumer would be ok with 600 then I don't know what to say. Given that I think both will launch at $500

Nope, they have to be competitive with MS.

At maximum they will sell it at break even price which is somewhere around $500. There's no way they're going to risk losing market share.

Any higher price is unnecessary.

Before the reveal I was probably leaning $499, but I have to imagine if that were the case they would've announced it, along with announcing the digital-only at $399 as a final mic drop. Since they're holding it back, I'm guessing $599 and then $499 for the digital-only.

Alby_da_Wolf said:
$450 digital version
$550 with optical drive


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Mandalore76 said:
If the PS5 is $599 and Microsoft releases the XSX at $499 as a cheaper alternative, I think you would see a bleed of Sony marketshare back to Xbox. I'm not saying that Sony wouldn't be fine overall. But, I think you would see that the overall sales wouldn't really pick-up until after the first price cut or so. It's easy for a diehard Sony forum user to say "I would throw $1000 at that", but the general consumer public is generally more cautious with their $$$.

I agree with you partially. In that scenario Sony would definetly lose some marketshare, my argument is that the loss would be contained and the impact of that loss would be offset by increased profitability (per unit) and - if they manage to pass the message - the positioning advantage of convincing players their console is worth that price.

It would be a bold move sure, but the market already recognizes PS as "superor" to a certain extent... after all the specs gap between PS4 and XB1 is not that dramatic and doesn't justify on its own the huge sales gap. Plus, if you take the PS3 for comparison, consider it started off in a worse place: not only it was 100$ more expensive, it was also one year late and it didn't have 1st party fanbase it has now. By the time it came out X360 had one year worth of catalogue with heavy hits like Elder Scrolls 4 and Gears Of War. Despite all these odds the PS3 still managed to end up with a slight advantage.