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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Prediction: PS5 is going to cost 599$ and it will be ok.


How much will the PS5 cost ?

More than 599$ 2 2.78%
599$ 17 23.61%
499$ 49 68.06%
399$ 2 2.78%
Less than 399$ 2 2.78%

Y'all are out of your minds if you think the digital version will be $100 cheaper.






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DOA at $600. People dont even have that much money saved up for emergency

I'm thinking $500 for the PS5 and around $400-450 for the Digital Edition. That's assuming the amount of storage for the 2 versions of the system are exactly the same.

If it ends up at that price point, that's gonna be a preeeety spicy meatball in Canada. Almost certainly over $800 with taxes in my province. Also if true, my condolences to Australia and Brazil.

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Perhaps $599 for disc version, $549 for digital version.
That thing is huge, extra material to manufacture, extra packaging, bigger box requires more volume to ship and store.

But maybe the reason for the all digital version is to get a $499 system out, next to $549 with disc. Perhaps even $599 with disc and game bundled to recoup the losses on the all digital version.

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I'm honestly thinking that PS5 costs more to build than XSX at this point. We have an expensive custom SSD, a pretty high tech controller, a case that doesn't look cheap to produce and will likely require a pretty expensive cooling system. XSX by comparison has a more expensive AMD APU, but a cheaper controller that doesn't even have an internal battery, let alone haptics, trigger motors, a touchpad, a microphone, and a speaker. XSX case design seems much cheaper to build, and it can be cooled by a single fan, I suspect Sony will need multiple fans to cool PS5 unless they want it to be loud and hot again like PS4 Pro. I'm not sure about $600, but I wouldn't be surprised if disc drive PS4 is $550, discless at $500.

$399 digital
$499 disc

Loved the presentation and gave it a 10, can't wait to play many of the games shown. That being said 599 will give me pause, and I will decide as we get closer to the release. 500 feels like the price it should be. If Gamestop's are open and giving $200+ to trade in the ps4 pro for the 5 it will weigh into that decision.

PS5 - $599.99
PS5 Disc Free - $549.99

XBox Series X - $599.99
XBox Series Lockhart - $399.99

Is what I expect.

DOA if 600

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