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shikamaru317 said:

I'm honestly thinking that PS5 costs more to build than XSX at this point. We have an expensive custom SSD, a pretty high tech controller, a case that doesn't look cheap to produce and will likely require a pretty expensive cooling system. XSX by comparison has a more expensive AMD APU, but a cheaper controller that doesn't even have an internal battery, let alone haptics, trigger motors, a touchpad, a microphone, and a speaker. XSX case design seems much cheaper to build, and it can be cooled by a single fan, I suspect Sony will need multiple fans to cool PS5 unless they want it to be loud and hot again like PS4 Pro. I'm not sure about $600, but I wouldn't be surprised if disc drive PS4 is $550, discless at $500.

Series X comes with a controller that doesn't have an internal battery? Can you explain this further? Does it have a rechargable external battery or something?