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Forums - Sony Discussion - Grade the PS5 Conference


What's your score?

10 28 12.56%
9 56 25.11%
8 52 23.32%
7 30 13.45%
6 24 10.76%
5 16 7.17%
4 6 2.69%
3 6 2.69%
2 1 0.45%
1 4 1.79%

I would say a 2 or 3 for me. Horizon was the only game that was somewhat interesting to me. To be fair, my interest in gaming has been decreasing in recent years...but nothing got me excited. Also, no RPG’s at all? Sad... I want my elder scrolls and BioWare games (not anthem)!!!

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Re-post from the reactions thread (I didn't spot this one yet sorry):

Well, no denying that was a massive step up from the Xbox showcase. Best games by far were Ratchet & Clank, Resident Evil 8 (I'm assuming multi-plat) and Horizon II. Gran Turismo 7 looked promising. I expect Demon's Souls to be another ecellent remake by Bluepoint.

Miles Morales: Spider-Man seems to be the big launch title, which is worrying since they showed hardly any gameplay, and what I saw didn't seem like a big leap over the last Spider-Man. Still, it's something.

Lots of other good stuff thrown in. Kena looks cute and charming. Hitman 3 is a sweet announcement (hopefully with smart delivery/cross-gen support), but that supposed gameplay preview at the end wasn't much of a preview. 3D Hyper Light Drifter game seemed cool.

As for the system reveal, certainly a bold stylistic choice. Hopefully it's not as awkward to fit on/in a spot as it looks. Still don't really care for the new controller design, but it's how it feels that'll count.

Overall a very good reveal. But unless Demon's Souls, Ratchet & Clank and Horizon II all release in it's first year, I'm not interested in buying yet. Paid some lip service to supporting cross-gen, but didn't actually go into much detail, so Smart Delivery still has the edge for me, especially with Xbox One X having the best versions of each new game right now.

For both systems, probably a 2+ year wait to see how they pan out and get a good bundle.

Score: Would've been 8, but the more I see that form factor (a circle stand to lay on it's side?) the more I hate it. 7/10

When I thought they couldn't top the PS4 reveal they went and did it. 9.5 for me. Close to perfect. No long speeches from devs, just a look at incoming games and a reveal of the actual console.

If I had to criticize.. that GT demo went on for a bit too long, and that snax game was really cringe worthy.

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Loved it! Screw you haters being all sour. Gave it a 10 because I was thoroughly impressed. It was very professionally done. The games all looked gorgeous and fun to play. I was really impressed with Square Enix's game project Atia, the new Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart, Demon Souls, Horizon Zero Dawn Forbidden West, Spider-Man Miles Morales, Sackboy: a Big Adventure, and that Astro's Playroom is a preloaded game included free on every PlayStation 5.

I was surprised when they showed the PlayStation 5. Wasn't expecting it to look like that at all. The Two Tone looks nice and I am happy with my white PlayStation 4 Pro. Don't listen to anyone saying a white console shows dirt or dust because it definitely doesn't show at all. A glossy black console shows the tiniest little specs of dust the most. Followed by any black matte plastic showing it. This PlayStation 5 looks easy to wipe clean and the overall look is clean and ultra modern. I'm really happy about the design.

6/10. I think I have two games from this show that interest me - Kena and Demon Souls. Most of the games shown are not launching this year. And also more than half of the games shown looked kinda samey and uninspiring. It is worth noting that some of the games had some sort of "going through dimensions" gimmick which of course is put in these games to showcase "the power of SSD".
For console itself, I don't like how it looks. It was indeed a surprise though that they are doing digital only version. I haven't expected it from PS5 but it looks like this is how Sony is gonna hit that 399$ target.


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I’m leaning more towards ‘7’ then ‘8’.
Probably 7.4ish.
I loved that they focused on the main thing you buy a video game console for: Video games. And there were plenty of them, for sure! Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Ratchet and Clank, and Horizon: Forbidden West were my highlights. Kena: Bridge of Spirits looks pretty cool too.
The main things that held it back for me was the lack of release date and price. I understand why they held off on those for now, but it’s still a little concerning.

Hynad said:
Cerebralbore101 said:

Microtransactions are "multiple options" too ya know. 

LOL. And they relate to multiple console SKUs... How?

Buying AAA games digitally on day one for $60 is almost always a rip off, just like Microtransactions. The profit margin on digital games is so high that they could release AAA games for $45 on launch, and still make a huge profit. 

Whenever you buy a AAA digital game on a console, you are asking to lose access to it in about 10-15 years. 

Gave it a 1. No interesting games and the console looks like it'll overheat easily.

PS5/Arcade Gamer

hmm.. I'm bad a grading, but here is my positives and negatives..

- starting the show with GTA V.. really?
- tons of useless inbetween videos and waaaaaay too long design reveal stuff
- while not a full deep dive, I'd expected atleast 2 longer gameplay details videos in the style of the Horizon 1 reveal
- no turn based or atb jrpgs shown

- lots of existing IPs that make a comeback had great looking trailers (R&C, Horizon 2, DS remake, GT7, Sackboy, Astrobot,..)
- interesting new IPs from Sony, 3rd party and indies (Returnal, Kena, Project Athia, Little Devil Inside)
- not much talk/fast paced

- console design
- no price/date (I expected that)
- no features etc talked about (I expect this to come in separate videos)

overall I felt it was a great show (my pos points are very condensed and weigh heavier than the neg ones)

Darwinianevolution said:
CGI-Quality said:


How so?

Because those games, in their form (particularly Sony's own games), could not have been done on current gen systems. I know this for a fact. So yes, you're wrong about it.