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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Most hyped game that dissappointed ?

d21lewis said:
Metal Gear was one of those series that I felt loyalty to. Like I was obligated to play and beat every game in since discovering it on NES. To me and my brother, Metal Gear was OUR series and if I wasn't enjoying it, there was something wrong with ME.

When they MGS 4 PS4 bundle dropped, I was right there in line at midnight to grab mine. I got home some time after one and went to sleep dreaming of the fun I was going to have. Hell, IGN have it a score of 11/10

I don't know what happened but I didn't really enjoy this one. I can list a thousand reasons why but, long story short, it was a $500+ disappointment. Plus some guy spoiled the game for me by posting things on my vgchartz wall.

I'm with you on MGS4. I don't think it's a bad game, but compared against other titles in the sub-series it was disappointing. The most frustrating thing is that, at least for me, the game started strongly. I was enjoying it for the first three acts. Then the wheels started to come off. I think that with more judicious editing, the game could have been great.

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Red dead 2, I really like it for the 1st 3 chapters, but then issues just get more and more apparent to a point where I just start not enjoying it at all. I'll say the game looks great and I enjoy the story and characters. But almost everything else in the game varies from passable to just downright bad. I'll just list some of my issues now.
1. Missions
The mission variety is just pitiful, most missions follow the same structure of ride to mission marker then ride from point A to point B, shoot people ride back to point A or to point C rinse and repeat for 90% of the missions. Missions also suffer from extreme linearity which is very at odds with the open world nature of the game. This gets frustrating when you want to try a mission in a different way but just get an automatic fail for not following the extremely specific way rockstar wants you to play every mission. The player is discouraged from ever thinking about what to do because the game tells you exactly where to go and what to do and how to do it. Player creativity is actively discouraged and punished. Even games that are designed to be linear like uncharted give players some more options on how to play through parts of the game. I remember during one mission I was asked to hide a carriage, instead of letting me choose a place to hide the games tells me the exact place to bide it and nothing else will work. Red dead 2 is a game that controls the player rather than the player controlling the game. The player never has to think or make any meaningful choices during missions. This is in direct contrast with the game outside of missions that does a lot more to encourage players to actually think and make choices. This contrast makes tge game feel unfocused and poorly thought out, it feels like 2 different games. This isn't to say that the game can't have linear missions but it needs to make sense in the situation. A mission on a train makes sense that it is linear, a mission in a more wide open area should not be so linear.
2 Gamelplay
The gameplay is pretty brain dead. Gunfights have so little thought needed to get through just press aim, automatically target enemy and fire, that's it there's nothing else to it. You can try dead eye but that doesn't really add much apart from looking kinda cool. Arthur also just plumbers around like a drunk person constantly. I never feel fully in control of Arthur it almost feels like he's working against me at all times. Another issue horse riding, riding a horse is ok but a vast majority of play time is spent riding a horse around without much else happening it was fine early in the game when seeing all the scenery for the first time but quickly becomes uninteresting when being forced to ride through the same area over and over. Later in my play through of the game I was just going into cinematic view, holding X and looking at my phone till I got to where I needed.
3 Side missions become pointless
Generally the main rewards you get from side missions is money, which early in the game you'll likely be low on and need to do side missions, this is a good thing. But by the the time you get to the story mission where you rob a bank money is no longer and issue so side missions no longer have much purpose. After a while there just isn't much to spend money on in the game. The game isn't giving me much motivation to do side content.
4 Camp upgrades
This is a good idea executed extremely poorly. Almost all of the camp upgrades feel pointless and add nothing to the game. This feels like a huge wasted opportunity to have the players actions affect the camp in a positive way. The more we put into the camp the better it the happier your group is, but this sadly is not the case.
5 Chapter 5
Yeah, fuck this part of the game. Just plain terrible and severely hurts the pacing of the story.
6 red dead 1 map
Another wasted opportunity, this part of the map has barely anything to do and adds very little.

Red dead 2 is not a terrible game certain aspects are great such as music, graphics, story and character but the faults drag it down so far. The issues listed are just some of my problems with the game I have more but didn't feel like writing anymore.

axumblade said:
Mighty No 9...It sounded so promising from the start and then slowly the trailers made the game look worse and worse. At least the hype felt like it helped the Mega Man games make a comeback I guess...?

i must be one of the few people who actually enjoyed mn9. i played it for cheap ($5?) on xbone about two years after it came out and enjoyed it a lot more than i thought i would. finished it and everything. i thought the dash mechanic was actually a lot of fun and promoted fast and fluid gameplay. a solid 7.5 or 8 for me

Another game I'd mention is arms. The character designs are 10/10 I love all of them, but the game itself is just pretty bland. The lack of a story mode to give more background and personality to the characters is probably the worst exclusion. Hopefully if a sequel is ever made they flesh everything out more.

Breath of the Wild comes to mind. It's a solid 5/10 for me, nowhere near the hype of best game ever but good enough. Probably won't buy BotW 2 unless I see they've made some kind of change that appeals to me.

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Bofferbrauer2 said:

Daikatana John Romero made nobody his bitch with that one.
No Man's Sky Many promised features missing at launch, making it very disappointing

On Daikatana, you could argue that he made the people who actually paid money for the game his bitch.

No Man's Sky looked really promising. One of my favorite games of the 1980s was a space exploration RPG called Starflight, and I really wanted to see a successor to Starlight on modern hardware.

Dragon Age 2. I was a HUGE fan of the first Dragon Age so much so that Dragon Age 2 and Witcher 3 are the only 2 PC games I ever pre-ordered. There basically nothing I liked about Dragon Age 2. The camera angle annoyed the hell out of me. Being mostly confined to one city made it way less interesting to me then the first one. I played the first one mostly from top down view so that being taken out completely pissed me off.

I basically quit playing after a few hours of playing it because the game made me so mad and was so different then I was expecting. I did years later go back and play through the entire game after there was a release date for dragon age 3. It was slightly more bearable on my second attempt to play the game now that I was prepared for what to expect and had no delusions of thinking it be anything like the first one but by no means would I consider it a good game and when I reached the end I was glad that I would never be playing this game again.

This game by far had the biggest gap between what I was expecting and what I actually got.

I don't know how hyped this game was, but to me a recent, and good example is Luigi's Mansion 3. People were sucking this game's dick non-stop, but from day one I've been saying that the game was a boring, monotonous, repetitive clunkfest that had worthless collectibles and combat that lacked weight and meaning. Admittedly it did have charming character design, but it is the worst entry in the series.

The_Liquid_Laser said:

The Wind Waker.  I saved the worst for last.  Or at least it's the most painful.  Objectively, Morrowind is probably a worse game, but Wind Waker destroyed my childhood in ways that George Lucas could only dream of.  When the Wii gets released, I go back and get a Gamecube to give Nintendo another chance.  Then I get to Wind Waker and I feel like crying.  This game combines the worst parts of Morrowind and Mario 64.  It systematically destroys my favorite Nintendo series, while being a total lie at the same time.  This is not Zelda.  The 3 NES/SNES Zelda games are the real Zelda.  Wind Waker is trash posing as Zelda.


I don't think I'll ever forgive Wind Waker for butchering the Zelda series so horribly. Thank fuck they made Twilight Princess afterwards which returned Zelda to what it should be.

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Bet with Liquidlaser: I say PS5 and Xbox Series will sell more than 56 million combined by the end of 2023.

Watchdogs 2. For me Watchdogs 1 is the last great experience I had before shutting down my WiiU for good. So when I played 2 it was nothing what I wanted. I guess I just really fell for the story progression of the first one :( But to my defense Ubisoft did talk a big game about how they learned there lessons and would make major improvements. I never got enthralled to even see if that was true.

Metroid Prime 3. I hate the controls (and pirate fights) of all the games. But I prefer the GameCube controls over all. The voice acting was atrocious. Jumping to different planets was not engaging. It’s been a long time so I forgot what else. Just didn’t have the magic of the first one. The second had issues but was redeemed in other ways like awesome freaking abilities. I felt the third added nothing. It’s the only one that I would not play multiple play throughs.

Blinx the cat for the original Xbox. I so loved the idea they were going with. Great art! Plenty of character. Good gameplay in theory. But it really played out as a simple kids game in the worst sense of the category. It was hyped all over Xbox magazines back in the day. Press covered it for a while too. No one said you’d essentially be learning the alphabet and and repeating uninspired game loops. I probably should have just known better.

X-men for the nes. Nothing else need be said.