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Retard Robin Hood gets his comeuppance.

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COKTOE said:
Mar1217 said:
Shoot. Shouldn't have blasted my blow on the other thread.

I'll simply say that I support the movement fully and hope for actual reforms with these cohersitive institutions.

Just my two cents. The first thread should have been the official one. The second one should have been closed immediately. Now we have a third one...lots of conversation, continuity, and likely, traction, is lost in doing things this way. Well too late now though. 

Our thinking was that the first thread framed the issue in a particular way, from a foreign perspective.  Same reason we let the second one stay open, although in retrospect we maybe should have closed it right away. I think the best move would have been for us to make an official topic for it earlier on, since it was obvious that this would be kind of a big deal.  Live and learn.

I spent the last little bit scrolling through this guy's twitter, where he has been keeping track of videos of police brutality from these protests. There is an astounding amount. Some of them are somewhat borderline, or low quality (predominantly shaky witness phone cams), but holy shit, there is so much here. Literally hundreds if not thousands of cops should be arrested and fired for their actions over this past week.

One particularly egregious example:

Police shoot a man in the head with a beanbag round, fracturing his skull. They then tell the medics to carry him over and when they do, they open fire on them with more of these rounds, hitting the lead medic. The man is currently in critical condition and will likely have permanent brain damage. "Less lethal" methods can still be lethal or at least highly dangerous. They should only be deployed against a specific and immediate threat (or preferably, not at all).


One more (Warning: It does show blood)

Cops shove an older man causing him to fall and hit his head on the concrete and start bleeding out his ear (a sign of severe trauma). One goes to administer aid but he is shooed away to join in the accosting of another man with a sign. They then report publicly that he tripped a fell. Luckily video footage is available or else this likely would have gone undetected. We need cops wearing body cams 100% of the time. If your cam is off or covered, you are fired on the spot. All footage should be accessible by an independent review board, with random stops being reviewed periodically as well as 100% of complaints and 100% of injuries no matter how minor.

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**Blood warning in the first video**

The old man "tripped & fell"....
And these Australian journalists "fell"...

If there were no cameras, these monsters would deny that ANY of these things happened.

I posted some tweets of cops kneeling with protesters before, but I'll be very cautious to do so from now on because I've seen too many stories like these:

2 officers seen shoving the elderly man in the video have been suspended immediately.

These monsters are shooting at medics (posted that before) and destroying their medical supply: 

A common sight:

Some good news though!

And yeah...

Do not look away! Or they will get away.

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And separately I want to ask something.

Isn't holding a tyranical government in check supposed to be 2nd amendment conservatives bread and butter?
So where are all the armed militias protecting the peaceful protesters from the abusive police and military?

I've only seen them show up to intimidate protesters or make sure riots don't start.

The latter is fine, but I have not seen them stand up to abusive law enforcement.
Has anyone seen videos where they are shielding peaceful protesters? If so, please share.

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We've been seeing Law Enforcement confiscating masks for no reason for a while now, but this is probably the shittiest example yet.

Like, what the fuck?

I was doing some investigation in cop deaths by gunfire over the year to see if there is any correlation between crime rates and risk of getting shot, or any correlation between police brutality and risk of getting shot. (It was already shown that there is no correlation between crime rates and police brutality).

However atm I can't look for any 'excuses' for the police in the USA anymore. It's tragic to be killed in the line of duty, yet that's no excuse.

Anyway from what I found, last year 50 cops died by gunfire (although 2 from friendly fire and one died from complications from a surgery for a gunshot wound 38 years prior). The police killed over 1,000 people last year. The most dangerous is serving warrants, definitely not stopping people in the street.

What stood out that police officers as young as 22 years old were shot to death out on the street. This is so wrong. You need to study for years to become a doctor (And decide over life and death) but you can wield a deadly weapon on the street at age 22? At 22 I was still feeling invincible, reckless, impulsive, know it all, all bad qualities to be policing anything. The minimum age to be out on the street should be at least 28 imo, after extensive training in de-escalation methods and social studies to understand what you are getting into.

I can't believe what's going on now in the USA, us vs them instead of protect and serve. Can you impeach a president two or even three times? (for covid19 handling and the current situation) How did it get this far out of control.

I feel like these clips speak for themselves. Trump has no intention of doing literally anything to end police brutality. I wouldn't be surprised to see him veto a bill if it wound up on his desk.

That's some horrible stuff some US cops and troops are doing. Knew it was a bad timing for these protests with riots going on but I didn't expect a law-enforcement of a 1st world country to behave this badly against more peaceful crowd.. pretty much attacking people.

There seems to be some unrest developinh around Europe too, but I doubt it gets too serious. Here's a clip from our lovely neighbours:

SvennoJ said:

.....after extensive training in de-escalation methods and social studies to understand what you are getting into.